Obninsk residents were poisoned by fish they bought on the market. The fridge was fake

Almost a blowfish

“We went to a hardware store and on the way we decided to turn to the fair near the Atlas store,” says one reader. – While I was choosing smoked fish, I heard in my ear a woman swearing at the seller, they say, the sausage is stale. But then I did not pay attention, but in vain. I won’t go into details about what happened to us after we ate the fish. But we will remember her for a long time.

After recovering from the poisoning, the girl called the food hygiene department of the sanitary and epidemiological service. Experts explained: the case is not rare, street vendors sometimes put a refrigerator just “for the entourage” – there is a shop window, the products are laid out, but the electricity is not connected. True, the reader did not write a complaint, so the check was not carried out. Especially since that fair has already left. But it will return – as explained in the shopping center “Atlas” (outgoing trade is organized on their territory, in the parking lot), the next fair is scheduled for June.

Is it in principle possible to sell fresh produce on the street in the summer? As Vladimir Markov, chief hygienist in Obninsk, explained, such trade is not prohibited. But only in the presence of cooling units. But as the reader’s experience shows, a refrigerator is not a guarantee of freshness, before buying you need to check if it works.

Fight or not?

But does Obninsk basically need non-stationary trade, all these tents, stalls with pies and other “9th century signs”? At the end of spring, a series of inspections took place in the Obninsk markets. The most striking reaction was from the merchants who settled on the Titanic. They saw this as an attempt to squeeze themselves out of the market and turned to the town council for help.

Now, according to deputy Andrey Zykov, the situation has stabilized: “A meeting was held in the city administration, they explained that there was no goal to destroy trade in this place. I think this is correct. Now is still a difficult time, why aggravate the situation and deprive people of their income?” The administration in Obninsk also confirmed that so far no action has been taken against merchants in the vicinity of the Titanic.

But the fight against merchants in CB No. 8 is in full swing. More precisely, the next round: each new director of the clinical hospital starts this action, but no one has yet managed to complete the process. Now a private entrepreneur who sells pastries on the first floor of the clinic has turned off the power, blocked the entrance to the outlet. But he continues to work: in the dark, with flashlights, knocking out controls in the hall, connecting the device to the outlet for several minutes. And he hopes that the confrontation will end, as usual – they will forget about him and leave him alone. Other bakery vendors, whose points of sale are located in the children’s clinic, were also notified of the need to move out.

How to handle this is a matter of debate. Someone thinks badges from medical institutions should disappear. Others answer: a sacred place is never empty, and others will occupy it, only the prices will be such that an ordinary visitor to a clinic will remember the uncivilized steaks with a kind word …

Similar examples can be given for a long time: in Obninsk there are many places with tents and stalls – take the same shopping center Privokzalny, which is gradually surrounded by kiosks. It is clear that people want to earn money and feed their families. But gradually, albeit very slowly, this format will still become a thing of the past.


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