October 1 – NEOrchestra. Postcard from the sky

October 1, 8:00 p.m
19:30 – Visit to the Urania Museum
20:00 – Concert start
Moscow Planetarium, Big Starry Hall

“NEOrchestra. Postcard from heaven»

On International Music Day, October 1, in the magnificent Grand Star Hall of the world’s largest interactive museum – Moscow Planetarium – a concert by NEOrchestra, a new formation orchestra, accompanied by a large-scale video projection, will take place.

We invite you to an unforgettable journey through the vast starry space of the universe, accompanied by the amazing beauty of music.

Minimalism and neo-romanticism, “new simplicity” and enchanting cosmic sounds await listeners this evening under the largest dome in Europe. The music series will be complemented by a large-scale video projection that takes listeners’ minds to the mysterious expanses of outer space.

The program includes, among other things, the Russian premiere of Postcards from Heaven by the Canadian composer of Slovenian origin Marjan Mozetic, who in his work went from avant-garde expressionism to neo-romanticism, as well as the world premiere of Cosmic Images by the young Russian composer Miroslav Chernousov. The work of the famous domestic neo-romantic composer Pavel Karmanov “GreenDNK”. Lyrical “Duet” for violin and chamber orchestra, written by the master of American minimalism Steve Reich. The program ends with the famous Baroque composition – Aria from Orchestral Suite No. 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Concert program:

M. Mozetich — Postcard from Heaven (Russian premiere)
M. Chernousov — Cosmic images (world premiere)
P. Karmanov – GreenDNK
S. Reich – Duet
I. Bach – Air (Suite #3)

Orchestra of a new formation – NÉOrchestra

NÉOrchestra is one of the most dynamically developing young orchestras.

A new look at classical chamber music makes NÉOrchestra stand out as the most advanced orchestra within the genre of academic music. Program consists of works by emerging authors and authors who have received worldwide recognition.

NÉOrchestra are pioneers in new musical compositions. They provide an opportunity to be the first to plunge into the musical works of talented composers from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Special attention is paid to such genres as “modernism”, “academic minimalism”, “neoclassical” and various experimental forms.

With its performance, the orchestra draws fantastic musical images for the listener, achieving the effect of complete immersion and dissolution in the music.

The artistic director and organizer of the orchestra is the winner of All-Russian competitions, the owner of special prizes in conducting, Ivan Nuzhin.

Concert length – 60 minutes (no break)

Age category 6+

A concert ticket entitles you to visit to the Urania Museum at the Moscow Planetarium from 19:30 to 20:00.

  • *The concert starts exactly at 20:00, don’t be late.
    Latecomers are prohibited from entering the hall due to the technical requirements of the concert.

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