On Cosmonautics Day, residents of Donbass met with Hero of Russia Sergei Zalyotin

The operation was initiated by the Voluntary Center of the United Russia Party and State Duma Deputy Nikolai Petrunin.

On Tuesday, April 12, on Cosmonautics Day, representatives of the United Russia Volunteer Corps organized a meeting between the pilot cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Sergei Zalyotin, and the evacuated residents of Donbass, who are in a temporary housing center in the Shchekino area.

Children and their parents could communicate with the astronaut, ask questions about the preparations and fly into space. In addition, volunteers organized a thematic master class for children on the subject “Space. Yesterday and today”.

“Today, as they try to rewrite, change our history, erase events that are important to all of humanity, special attention must be paid to preserving historical memory., – noted, congratulations to the inhabitants of the region on Cosmonautics Day, the chairman of the Tula Regional Duma, the secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia party, the regional coordinator of the party project “Historical memory” Nikolai Vorobyov. – And we must do everything for children and young people to know and remember the achievements of the great heroes. “

“I often meet young people, but today it was a special meeting with people who were forced to lose their homes. For me, this is doubly responsible: in addition to talking about professional activities, try to charge adults and children with faith in tomorrow and convince them that difficult times will pass and everything will get better soon.– by Sergey Zalyotin.

In addition to communicating with the astronaut, the children participated in an interactive creative activity. Volunteers, along with the children, designed spaceships and the International Space Station.

“We try to make the leisure time for children and adults who have been evacuated to our region from the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk of high quality, varied, interesting and educational. Today we were able to arrange a meeting that undoubtedly inspired everyone present and will remain in the memory. Thereafter, the drawings of the children created in our master class will be transferred in the form of graffiti to the facades of social institutions in the Tula region.– commented the representative of the Volunteer Center of the Party “United Russia”, the head of the apparatus for the regional branch of “Young Guard” Pavel Astafiev.

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