“Performing in Saransk is our collective happiness”

“Performing in Saransk is our collective happiness,” said Olga Sokolova, head of the Moscow School of Dramatic Art, whose actors were responsible for opening the interregional Arts Council festival. It will be held for the first time in Mordovia from September 21 to 25. And as one of its initiators, chairman of the regional STD Andrey Anisimov, clarified at the press conference before the launch: “First of all, we wanted to show the Saransk audience various aspects of modern theater art.”

By the way, Olga Sokolova recalled that several years ago the artists of the School of Dramatic Art had already come to the capital of Mordovia for another international festival Compatriots with a play based on Lermontov’s poem Mtsyri.

“We remember how our performance was accepted, we know that there is an understanding theater audience here. And we started preparing for this festival even before the summer break. Followed on the Internet how the preparations for the festival went. For the attention of the Saransk audience, we will offer the production of our artistic director Igor Yatsko “Dangerous Liaisons”, which won the prestigious award “Star of the Theatergoer” in 2020. True, we play in Moscow in a hall designed for 300 seats, but here is given we almost outer space – the stage of a musical theater with a hall that can accommodate 800 spectators. So starting the season at the festival in Saransk is a good sign, – Olga Sokolova is sure.

In turn, Igor Yatsko emphasized that he was ready to hold professional classes in acting technique with students of theater specialties from local universities and festival participants for five festival days, because “an actor must constantly learn his craft.”

By the way, among the participants of the “Artistic Council” is the team of the Donetsk Academic Youth Theater from Makeevka. Vladislav Slukhayenko, artistic director of Donetsk artists, said that since February, due to some circumstances, they have not given any performances on their domestic stage, they mainly perform concerts for the wounded in hospitals and hospitals, and play for refugee children.

– But in order not to lose form, our artists continue to rehearse. In the past six months, two new shows have been prepared, but the premieres have not yet been shown. But thanks to the support of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, in the summer we traveled with our performances to 13 regions of Russia. And when they found out about your festival, which received a grant from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, they immediately sent their application for participation. Moreover, the “artistic council” is in fact in tune with the tasks of our youth theater, emphasized Vladislav Slukhaenko. – And in addition, the actors here have the opportunity to enrich themselves professionally, which is also necessary. To be honest, for the past nine years we have had problems with the education of artists, they taught, as they say, in their own environment, because there was no chance to send them to specialized educational institutions. Therefore, we are glad that we ended up in Saransk.

By the way, already at the press conference before the launch, the idea was expressed several times, including from the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Mordovia Alexander Gubanishchev, not to be limited to a one-time action, but to make the interregional theater festival in Saransk an annual event.

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