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Moscow can be admired endlessly. And you will definitely not be bored here – every day there are performances, exhibitions, concerts. For every taste! “” offer not to miss the most important and interesting!



Brusnikin’s workshop presents a philosophical comedy about the everyday work of a person who feels part of the limitless universe. …Two vendors count vegetables at the market. It seems: where is the philosophy here? .. But vegetables, like stars, cannot be counted. White dwarfs flare up, black holes go out. Human life either approaches or retreats, filling the cold outer space with its warmth… The story of this premiere begins in 2020, when Lydia Golovanova’s play was included in the short list of the Lyubimovka festival. And already in 2021, the first pitching of Bruslab took place, where the director Alexei Martynov presented a sketch of the future performance. The release of the performance was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Federal State Budget Institution for Culture “ROSCONCERT”.

September 16, “School of Dramatic Art” (Stage on Novoslobodskaya, Meyerhold’s Great Hall).

“Monya Tsatske’s Standard Bearer”

Theater “Shalom” presents the performance of the artistic director Oleg Lipovetsky “Monya Tsatske’s Standard Bearer”, based on the story of the famous writer Ephraim Sevela. This is a story full of humor, love and sadness about a young Lithuanian Jew who was destined to become a standard bearer and go through the entire Great Patriotic War. The events of the story are shown through the eyes of this passionate, courageous, but at the same time enterprising and ironic young man. The performance is a mix of genres – between “area theatre” and “narrative”. Such play theater destroys the boundaries of theatrical conventions, the actors are in direct contact with the viewer, who begins to feel like a participant in what is happening.

September 22 and 23, Vladimir Vysotsky Museum.

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“Inside” of the creative project “Laboratories 40+”

For two weeks, 13 prominent actors from the country’s most famous theaters, together with the director Dmitry Krestyankin, arranged a kind of theatrical experiment: what happens if you give artistic freedom to actors with 20 years of experience, immersed in repertory theater work and an innovative director? The uniqueness of the performance “Inside” is that it was not invented in advance, but was composed together with the actors, which gives the opportunity not only to play the role, but also to create it from scratch in the laboratory process.

September 17 and 18, Boyar Chambers of STD RF.

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“Faces of Mary – images of light”

The exhibition will combine a unique collection of images of the Mother of God with previously unexplored plot compositions, the names of which are taken from the original texts of the sacred tradition. Among the icons presented at the exhibition will be the Queen of Eternity, the Guardian of Russia, the Planter of Beauty, the Heavenly Nourishment, the Protector of Purity, the Protector of the Road, etc. The uniqueness of the exhibition lies in the fact that icons with similar names never before created by artists. At the same time, the names themselves are directly related to the canon, as they are borrowed from church hymnography.

From October 9 to November 9, “Art Center. Moscow”.

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“Gorky in Gorky Park”

The Bakhrushinsky Museum participated in the preparation and implementation of the visual style and semantic content of the festival program. The grand photo panel of Gorky at the entrance area and Chaliapin’s aria in the acoustic room of the park, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the 120-year retrospective of the author’s plays in theater performances in the Muzeon Park of Arts are the main events of the Bakhrushinsky Museum at the festival site. “We will give the modern viewer the opportunity to maximize his understanding of Maxim Gorky, immerse himself in his work, appreciate his role and place in Russian literature and culture,” says Kristina Trubinova, general director of the Bakhrushin Museum. In the arch at the main entrance to Gorky Park, visitors will be greeted by huge panels assembled into a portrait mosaic of Maxim Gorky. The image of the most important Soviet writer was created on the basis of more than 2.5 thousand original photographs stored in the funds of the Bakhrushin Museum.

September 16-18, Gorky Park.

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The goal of the project is to search for new dramaturgy, unexpected repertoire decisions and new directors for the Moscow Art Theater. The project is curated by director Marina Brusnikina and theater expert Pavel Rudnev. The theme will be a modern Russian play. The first to be presented to the public will be the sketch “Basement Tapes” directed by Artem Ustinov. The play by Ekaterina Timofeeva tells about the mass shooting that took place in an American school, and is based on documents. At the center of the story are the images of two mothers, and the main questions of this play are: how to live after what happened? What if a tragedy changed your life forever? And how should we solve the issue of guilt and responsibility ourselves?

October 23, Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov (New Stage).


“The Continent of Battle”

Online cinema KION announces the premiere of the fantasy series “Battle Continent” and “Journey to Immortality” – unusual animation projects from China. The main roles are played by the popular actor Shawn Xiao, who is also known for his participation in the music group X NINE. Drama star Calvin Chen, Wu Xuanyi and Gao Taiyu also appeared in the series.

Already on the screen.

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“Worker and collective peasant girl. Gala. 85 years of love”

A poem about romantic love, ups and downs – a performance dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the triumph of the “Worker and Collective Farm Woman” monument at the World Exhibition in Paris takes the viewer into a unique world – immersion in the history of one of the 20th century’s most significant sculptural masterpieces will prove that real feeling and great art are stronger than any test. On this day, the great monument will come to life and sing. And its creators – the sculptor Vera Mukhina and the architect Boris Iofan – will become full participants in the gala concert, as well as the guests of the Paris exhibition in 1937 who were admired by their work – Marlene Dietrich and Pablo Picasso. To the music that sounded in the 30s and 40s of the last century, an incredible journey through space and time will take place. People’s Artist of Russia Dmitry Kharatyan and Honored Artist of Russia Ekaterina Guseva will play the roles of narrators in the play. Performed by soloists from the music theater “Helikon-Opera” and the Music Theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, excerpts from the buff opera “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”, written in 2018 by poet Mikhail Chevega and composer Vladimir Nikolaev, will be heard from the stage.

September 26, House of Music.

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“Le Prince André. Prince Andrei Bolkonsky”

Alexey Rybnikov, creator of the legendary rock operas Juno and Avos and Joaquin Murieta’s Star and Death, is the author of the libretto, composer and director of the musical performance based on the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The protagonist of opera drama, a genre invented by Alexei Rybnikov, is the music itself. It reveals the depth of the characters’ feelings, determines their fates and gives a new sound to one of the most famous works of Russian literature. This performance combines a variety of genres, from rap to rock and melody. The arias are performed in two languages ​​- Russian and French. 19th-century stage costumes and sets that convey the zeitgeist help maintain historical accuracy.

October 21 and 22, December 3, 17, 18 and 24, MTKMO (“Gradsky Hall”).

Photo: press service / Lyudmila Safonova

“Moscow Virtuosi”

The legendary orchestra will present an unusual program “The Four Seasons: From Moscow to Buenos Aires”, consisting of two cycles: “The Four Seasons in Moscow” by Efrem Podgaits and “The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla. At the conductor’s stand is the conductor of the Russian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Arsenty Tkachenko.

September 27, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

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