Presentation of the interactive space Lunarium

On May 12, 2022, the Moscow Planetarium hosted a presentation of the updated interactive space Lunarium.

“The Lunarium has a huge educational impact. Maybe the Lunarium can help some of the young visitors find their destiny and ‘infect’ them with the dream of space for life. Humanity needs daredevils who will work in space, explore new spaces. We need dreamers who will invent new devices, develop science, industry and medicine,” said the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma in his welcome speech. Alexey Valerievich Shaposhnikov.

“In Lunarium, everything is thought out, designed and implemented in our country. And there are exhibitions that have no analogues in the world. I encourage everyone to come here. Lunarium captures, it is interesting, and it hits the audience. It is important that the guys ask questions about what surrounds us and get answers in an accessible form. We would very much like our domestic research school to have continuity, and now it is in the Moscow Planetarium,” emphasized the Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Culture in Moscow. Alexander Vladimirovich Kibovsky.

“The exhibition is organized at the most modern level, because it is difficult to surprise our children now, but here they will undoubtedly be surprised. Most importantly, they will understand how interconnected our Earth is with the outer space around us, that this is a single space that we must preserve, said the head of the research and analysis center of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos in his greeting. Igor Arkadyevich Potashny.

“Interactive exhibits, scientific instruments, multimedia models, combined with creative activity and comfort, create a unique atmosphere in the Lunarium, which is designed to become one of the iconic places on the map of Moscow, to contribute to the development of social and cultural life in the capital,” said the general director of the Moscow Planetarium Vitaly Viktorovich Timofeev.

A sightseeing tour was held for the guests of honor, a presentation of the Lunarium renovation project was held.

The Lunarium now expects to open to a wide audience on May 14, 2022.


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