Rostec presented the latest electronics for space to Mikhail Mishustin

The Ruselectronics holding of Rostec State Corporation presented samples of an electronic component base with unique features to Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry. of the Russian Federation. The demonstration took place during a visit to the Almaz Digital Technopark, located in the territory of a special economic zone in Saratov.

The guests in the techno park were shown unique quantum microwave devices developed by Istok Research and Production Enterprise named after VI Shokin. The units make it possible for the built-in equipment in the GLONASS spacecraft to determine coordinates with an accuracy of tens of centimeters. NPP Almaz demonstrated the first Russian built-in traveling wave lamp UV-A2014 cooled by infrared radiation into space. By more than doubling the thermal load on the thermal control system, the device improves the stability of the satellite.

The anchor residents in Almaz Digital technopark are the subsidiaries of Roselectronics holding – NPP Almaz, NPP Kontakt and NPP Istok im. Shokin. The companies specialize in the production of microwave products used in radar, navigation and communication systems for land, sea, air and space based systems. Among other things, the equipment is designed for operation in harsh climatic conditions in warm and Arctic areas.

“Electro-vacuum microwave units manufactured by Ruselectronics companies correspond to the best foreign models and even exceed them in a number of parameters. This allows us to produce electronic equipment with a unique combination of technical and operational characteristics. For example, our spacecraft products can work stably “150,000 hours under the harsh conditions of outer space. At the same time, the price of our devices is lower than foreign analogues by about 25%. The use of domestic products instead of foreign analogues contributes to the technical independence of Russian space programs,” said Sergey Sakhnenko, Director General of United Instrument-Making Corporation (owner of Ruselectronics).

NPP Almaz showed a wide range of products for environmental monitoring. Gas analyzers can automatically perform continuous high-precision measurements of pre-explosive concentrations of gases, making it possible to prevent accidents in production.

NPP Kontakt presented vacuum exchange equipment for civilian use, including arc gutters and vacuum switches based on them, produced for the needs of the electric power industry as part of import substitution.

Within the framework of the collaboration, Ruselectronics and the Russian special exporter Rosoboronexport increase the global marketing of domestic high-tech products.

“The unique development of Ruselectronics companies, combined with the enormous potential of Rosoboronexport in foreign markets, makes it possible to carry out large-scale projects in the field of technology transfer and intergovernmental industrial partnerships. We offer foreign partners the most advanced intelligent systems, including those that are integrated into products from other manufacturers.This approach allows us to adapt our proposals as much as possible to the needs of the global market and the capacity of specific buyers “, says Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport, Vice President of Union of Machine Builders of Russia.

Technopark Almaz Digital is located in the territory of a special economic zone in Saratov. In addition to Ruselectronics companies, ER-Telecom Holding and Russian Post are anchors in the techno park.

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