Samples of scientific equipment created at Belgorod University will fly to the ISS

Samples of scientific equipment created at Belgorod University will fly to the ISS

This decision was made by the management of the State Corporation Roscosmos. The two samples, which will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) this month, are made of a new type of radiation-shielding composite. The material was developed by researchers from the BSTU named after VIVG Shukhov together with the Scientific Research Institute “Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yu.A. Gagarin”.

The main mission of the developed material is to become a reliable protection for astronauts from cosmic radiation in the future. Aircraft models of scientific equipment were named L-01 and L-02. They will be sent to the ISS by the Progress MS-19 cargo vehicle. Materials will be tested in outer space for 6 and 12 months.

Project leader, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of BSTU named after AIVG Shukhov, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Pavlenko noted that protective composites had been developed by university researchers for several years. Pilot samples have passed many tests and tests on many ground-based installations simulating outer space.

The material has high protective properties against proton, electron, neutron and photon radiation and has a set of unique properties: high physical and technical, structural properties, bacterial resistance, radiation and thermal stability in a wide temperature range. The development is protected by a RF patent for an invention, awarded with gold medals in Russian and European (Romania-2021) competitions.

As the young scientist, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Natalya Cherkashina, explained, based on the results of real space tests of the developed material, it will be possible to take into account possible adjustment of its composition and design for safe flights in near and far space.

“Belgorod is famous in Moscow, in Roscosmos, and this is really our achievement. Few universities can boast of such fame, such an opportunity to participate in targeted work on the ISS. At the cosmonaut training center, our employees, our colleagues worked very close to us. In the team of researchers, Pavlenko Vyacheslav Ivanovich is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of our Scientific School, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation. He has over 50 patents and over 500 publications. His works are cited worldwide by specialists in the field of space materials science and radiation . We have a scientific school at the university, which he heads. And I am one of the students of this school. The team also includes Roman Nikolayevich Yastrebinsky, who heads the Institute of Chemical Technology, Candidates of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and applied chemistry Oleg Dmitrievich Edamenko and Pavel Vladimirovich Matyukhin and other students of Vyacheslav Ivanovich , says Natalia Cherkashina.

Cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov (Hero of Russia) and Pyotr Dubov will study the possibilities of the new protective material on the ISS.


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