Schoolchildren from Cuba have created a satellite and plan to launch it into close range

The satellite is planned to be launched to investigate the effect of cold, low pressure and increased background radiation on bacteria. Such bacteria are used in cinema. The head of the project and the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity “Perspective” Kirill Popko noted the importance of motivating school children to engineering and technical creativity and the opportunity to bring their development to life. Therefore, the center’s goal is to turn the project into a product, to discover its practical benefits in science and human life.

Researchers from Kuban State University will study the quality of soils and watercourses on board using a unique bioreactor that generates electricity. If the researchers’ assumptions are confirmed, the research will continue on the basis of Roskosmos, the Krasnodar administration’s press service reported.

The Department of Informatics and Communication talked about ensuring access to supplementary education to get new digital skills that are in demand in the labor market. This is one of the tasks of the national project “Digital Economy”. The head of the regional department of computerization and communication Stanislav Zavalny commented on the development of the boys.

– I am glad that young specialists with design and research experience remain to work here in the region. Our task is to provide them with the most comfortable conditions for continued activities, to consider the possibility of implementing their development in federal and regional projects and the competence of local IT companies, “said Stanislav Zavalny.

Press service for the administration of the Krasnodar Territory

Remember that about 4 thousand school children from Cuba participated in the regional scene of the All-Russian Olympiad. One of the most massive competitions in the field of education is held annually in 24 subjects. This time, more than 370,000 teenagers in the region participated. Based on the results of the regional scene, a team will be formed that will defend Cuban’s glory in Russia.

Members of the Yunarmiya branch told how their meetings were going. Read about first aid and Scottish dances in this material. The creation of the all-Russian military-patriotic movement Yunarmiya was initiated as early as 2016 by the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

Young residents of the Krasnodar Territory can also apply to participate in the international charity festival “White Cane”. The qualifying round in the country’s regions will run until September 2022. You can fill in an application in absentia on the festival’s official website.


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