Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022

From April 12 to April 17, 2022, the space week dedicated to Cosmonautics Day will be held at the Museum of Cosmonautics. Guests will be able to hear about the first manned flight into space, write a space poem, send a space postcard and an emblem to the ISS.

Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022


  • April 12-16 — Space lecture hall

Throughout the week, museum experts will be available to talk about space in the lecture hall at the Museum of Cosmonautics.

  • 12 April at 15:00 – Lecture “First”

Science communicator Georgy Lisitsin will talk about the first space and scientific discoveries in our country.

  • April 14 at 16:00 — Lecture “Emergencies during Yuri Gagarin’s flight”

During Yuri Gagarin’s historic first space flight, not everything went as smoothly as it was said in the media of the time. In the lecture “Emergencies during Yuri Gagarin’s flight” on April 14 at 16:00, Pavel Gaiduk, deputy head of the Department of Scientific Popularization of the Museum of Cosmonautics, will talk about what equipment failures accompanied the astronaut during his legendary orbit around the Earth.

  • 15 April at 15:00 – Lecture “Space begins in the north-eastern administrative district”

Visitors will learn about the Moscow Space District and space monuments, the first cosmonauts, as well as chief designer Sergei Korolev and his house museum. Yulia Kostina, Head of the Department of Scientific and Methodological Work, lectures.

Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022
Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022
  • April 16 at 14:00 — Lecture “Museum Storytelling: Museum of Cosmonautics in Detail”

Vyacheslav Klimentov, deputy director of the Museum of Cosmonautics for Research, will show objects that, for various reasons, often escape the attention of visitors.

  • 17 April at 15:00 – Lecture “How and why people fly into space”

Outer space seems far away to us, but in fact it only takes 9 minutes to put a spacecraft into low Earth orbit, and the entire trip to the International Space Station today takes less than 6 hours. At the lecture, the scientific communicator at the Museum of Cosmonautics Alexander Farafonov will talk about why we fly into space today and what new knowledge manned flights have given us.

  • April 12 – Space dictation and special animation display

At 10:00 the space dictation takes place in the museum’s cinema and conference hall, where schoolchildren can test their knowledge of space. The dictation will end with the premiere of a space cartoon about cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, created by the Space Samara Museum. After the premiere, visitors will be able to see the cartoon in the museum’s cinema for a week.

  • April 12 – Sending space postcards

Together with the Russian Post, the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics will hold the campaign “Say hello from space!”. Directly from the exhibition, museum visitors will be able to send space postcards made on the basis of historical postcards from the museum’s funds free of charge.

Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022
Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022

Visit Main

  • On April 12, from 10:00 to 18:00, it will be possible to visit the branch of the Museum of Cosmonautics – House-Museum of Academician SP Korolev.

Sergei Pavlovich lived in this house for six years. In the House Museum, everything is preserved as it was during the chief designer’s lifetime. The museum, unique in the authenticity of its exhibits, has about 19,000 objects on display and in closed collections. These are Korolev’s personal belongings, documents, letters, photographs, furniture, household items, works of art, scientific, technical and art libraries.

  • April 14 — Special issue of Museum of Cosmonautics LIVE. Online

Within the framework of Space Week, on April 14, a special issue of museum television “Museum of Cosmonautics LIVE” will be released in the museum’s VKontakte group and on the website. Students will learn about how the preparations for the first flight into space were carried out, what difficulties the astronaut faced during the flight. The audience will also learn about Yuri Gagarin’s personality.

  • April 15 – Gather Russia in space

On April 15, the launch of the joint project of the Museum of Cosmonautics and the Federal Project of Hospital Schools of Russia “Teach Know” is planned. The Assemble Russia in Space project will connect schoolchildren from different Russian cities.

The children will exchange postcards with photographs of cities taken from space and solve tasks where different places in their cities will be guessed. In the final, they will be able to pick up Russia from postcards. Cosmonauts Ivan Vagner and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov became project ambassadors, the state enterprise Roscosmos and the Russian Post were partners.

Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022
Space Week at the Museum of Cosmonautics 2022

Complete a family mission and send the note into space

The Museum of Cosmonautics launched together with VDNKh the family mission Space Crew. You can complete it until November 1, 2022 and enter the competition for the best space crew emblem. The winners will be able to send it into space and make contact with the International Space Station.

The participants of the mission will learn how the idea of ​​​​conquering space appeared, how the well-known Belka and Strelka helped the human flight into space, what real astronauts should know before the flight, what objects they use during space travel, how spacecraft return to Earth and how the famous Buran, and much more.

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