SpaceX prepares astronauts for the world’s first commercial spacewalk

Polaris Dawn will fly three times as high as the ISS runway.

The team of four people who will fly on the upcoming fully civilian Polaris Dawn mission is scheduled to begin training this month for the first commercial spacewalk ever. Jared Isaacman announced this on his Twitter.

The artist’s impression of the spacewalk as part of the Polaris Dawn program. Polaris program

The Polaris Dawn mission, led by billionaire Inspiration4 Jared Isaacman, aims to reach the highest Earth orbit ever flown, beat the current record of 853 miles (1,373 km) above the earth and reach a peak of 870 miles (1,400). km).

If all goes according to plan, it will be the longest human flight from Earth since the last lunar landing in 1972.

In his tweet, Isaacman wrote that “for training, he is ready to join the crew on the Polaris program as early as next week.”

According to SpaceflightNow, Isaacman said in a recent interview that “the Polaris Dawn team will begin training as soon as SpaceX completes a hectic period of astronaut flights last month, including the return of Crew-3, the launch of the private Ax-1 mission, and the crew’s flight – 4 “.

Polaris program to send the first crew of the Starship rocket

The Polaris program is a series of launches that Isaacman will lead. The American businessman claims that he has an agreement with SpaceX that the third launch under the Polaris program will be the first human spaceflight aboard a reusable Starship rocket.

But before that happens, SpaceX has to wait for the result of an environmental audit from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which must approve the launch of Starship’s first orbital flight. SpaceX President Gwynn Shotwell recently announced that the launch could take place as early as mid-summer.

Meanwhile, the launch of the Polaris Dawn mission will take place in November at the earliest, meaning Isaacman and the rest of the crew have enough time to prepare for the first historic commercial spacewalk (however, Isaacman said that prior to the launch, they will have a “very tight” training schedule).

Isaacman will be accompanied by retired Air Force lieutenant Scott “Kidd” Potit, as well as SpaceX employees Sarah Gillis and Anna Menon. The crew will work in new spacesuits designed by SpaceX especially for this mission. The spacesuits must be worn by all crew members, as the entire Crew Dragon capsule must be depressurized to enter the spacewalk, while the two astronauts who remain inside the ship will also be exposed to the difficult conditions of space. In addition to going into outer space, SpaceX specialists using laser transmitters will evaluate the quality of communication between the spacecraft and the Starlink satellites.

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