Gambia: About the Ministry of Health’s new travel advice!

The world is going through a difficult period since the outbreak of the new virus in 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then, the outbreak has not only disrupted the global travel industry, but has also disrupted the way life once was. The hardships and challenges caused by this deadly virus will forever … Read more

How Dubai is helping drive business travel recovery

A report by the World Travel and Tourism Council showed that the Middle East will lead the recovery of business travel with a 49 percent return to pre-Covid levels by 2022. Expo 2020 Dubai Dubai is already a well-established business hub and is seeing a boom in business trips due to Expo 2020 Dubai. Since … Read more

Millennium Money: Save What Makes You Feel Good in 2022

You probably know planning and saving for big and boring expenses, also known as financial needs. But what about the fun stuff? Expenses that don’t put a roof over your head, but provide fun, rejuvenation, and other hard-to-quantify benefits are also worth saving. In fact, they’re worth their own account, says Delia Fernandez, a certified … Read more