Nuclear strike from space: what threatens China’s development – news from Ukraine, Technology

The Pentagon is concerned about another threat posed by Russia and China, and this time it’s space. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin holds a secret meeting in the Pentagon on September 6-7 on the topic of space weapons that the Russian Federation and China may develop. The reasons for this discussion are known – the … Read more

Terem was built by the Amur region to the Eastern Economic Forum on the “Street of the Far East”

Photo: Natalia Fadeeva This is a really old Russian tower – a three-story building with a complex white ornament, which in some places folds into a tiger’s muzzle. The concept of the pavilion is directly related to the II International Forum on the Conservation of the Striped Predator Population and one of the symbols of … Read more

“Star Wars” could start between Moscow and Washington

The Americans have created a special intelligence unit, Space Delta 18, whose purpose is to monitor Russia’s and China’s actions in orbit. The world smelled of a new war. This time – “star” and it’s not about cinema. As reported by the popular Indian television channel WION, in the United States in late June, the … Read more

How to survive the effects of the expected magnetic storm on May 24 – Amurskaya Pravda

Photo: What is a magnetic storm? Magnetic storms occur at the time of increased solar activity, and many weather-dependent people are constantly feeling their consequences. This phenomenon is a consequence of ongoing eruptions in the celestial body, where a huge amount of solar energy is released into outer space. Charged particles that reach the … Read more

Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration New realities and rules in the development of the Earth’s near space have practically put an end to the generally accepted agreement where outer space … | 2022-04-29, InoSMI 2022-04-29T12: 30 2022-04-29T12: 30 … Read more

China invites to space – Vedomosti

In late April, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin unveiled two provisions in the national space strategy. First, China invites astronauts from all countries to join projects at the Chinese Tiangong Orbital Station, which will start operating normally by the end of 2022. And second, space exploration should be carried out jointly, by combining efforts … Read more