April 12 – Cosmonautics Day!

In April 1962, Cosmonautics Day was officially established in our country by decree of the Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.The idea for the holiday was proposed by the second pilot cosmonaut in the Soviet Union, German Titov. In 1969, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale changed its name and on 12 April designated … Read more

You are invited. Where to go in St. Petersburg from 2 to 9 April

culture April 2, 2022 PHOTO: Public Domain Museum of Christian Culture. Per. Lodygina, 5, lit. S. The museum expands and complements the collection with new exhibitions. The exhibition of the hall of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (12+), one of the most revered saints in the Christian world, has been updated. Now visitors can see a … Read more

VDNKh to talk about orbital stations and telescopes / News / Moscow City Web Site

Which Soviet launchers and satellites became a breakthrough in practical cosmonautics, how everyday life goes at the orbital station and what detective skills are used to explore the universe – this and much more will be discussed at VDNKh. Excursions and lectures will be held at Cosmonautics and Aviation Center January 12-16. These free activities … Read more

The space outside the solar system is becoming increasingly dense

Voyagers, spacecraft that only the lazy have not heard of. It is not necessary to understand in detail astronomy and astronautics to understand how breakthroughs these probes have become. Perhaps this is the best NASA space mission in the history of astronautics. Roskosmos only dreams of this. Thanks to Voyagers, we got a first look … Read more