“Young people think astronomy is to go with a girl under the stars!”

Where can you meet real fans of astronomy in Krasnoyarsk today? How do you see the sides of the moon on a moonless night? What more has not yet been discovered by world astronomers? Sergei Alexandrovich Veselkov, head of the Education Observatory at Reshetnev University, talks about science with a great past and a great … Read more

Schoolchildren from Cuba have created a satellite and plan to launch it into close range

The satellite is planned to be launched to investigate the effect of cold, low pressure and increased background radiation on bacteria. Such bacteria are used in cinema. The head of the project and the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity “Perspective” Kirill Popko noted the importance of motivating school children to engineering and technical creativity and … Read more

Reshetnev University Laboratory “Small Spacecraft” won a grant to create another space satellite

2 November 2021 10:26 Laboratory at Siberian State University MF Reshetnev “Small Spacecraft” won a grant to build a space satellite. This is already the second grant for laboratory staff received under the Planet Duty program for the consortium by the Innovation Promotion Foundation, Talent and Success Foundation, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Circle … Read more

The space went from hand to hand – Hi-Tech – Commercial

The coming year promises to be another step in the expansion of the presence of private companies in space and the development of space tourism. Spacecraft developers, space tourism companies, start-ups and manufacturers of high-tech equipment have many missions and events planned for 2022. But the more actively the commercialization of outer space is underway, … Read more