I am 68, my husband is terminally ill, and his $3 million in estate will go to his son. I want to spend the rest of my days traveling – will I have enough cash?

help me please. I am a 68 year old woman who has been married for 17 years to the love of my life. Our finances have always been separate, and I have signed a prenuptial agreement acknowledging that his son will inherit his owned property in a living trust (about $3 million). I got our … Read more

Opinion: 9 Tips to Make Air Travel Less Stressful—From a Retired Airline Pilot

I was an airline pilot for 42 years before retiring about a year ago. Traveling was the job, and of course, the opportunity to travel for free on holidays was a big deal. This means more travel. Now retired with children and grandchildren scattered across the country, my beautiful bride and I still fly regularly. … Read more