In Mordovia, a secret military facility that controls aerospace has switched to new equipment

On December 1, in the Kovylkinsky district, the container radar station of the Russian air defense system took up experimental combat duty. The radar contains advanced achievements in science and technology. The station can control the flights of all air targets at a distance of about 3 thousand kilometers. It can simultaneously accompany more than … Read more

Azerbaijan conquers outer space | Information portal Moscow-Baku

April 12 marks World Cosmonautics Day. This memorable date is dedicated to the first manned flight in space – it was a citizen of the Soviet Union, Senior Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin, who on this day in 1961 on the Vostok spacecraft for the first time in the world made a circumnavigation flight around Earth, opening … Read more

Kyiv is trying to deceive Moscow into joining NATO

Politicians often make “loud” statements, which are a way of raising their status, and sometimes their survival. During crises, only the number of promises and oaths increases. Despite the support of the Western world, Ukraine is still on the verge of death and deciding its future post-war goals. To survive, one must give hope to … Read more