Is there life in space?

Is there life in space?

space accent No one disputes the fact that outer space is a potential theater of military operations. That is, weapons are there, depending on the chosen direction – nuclear, kinetic, laser, etc. – Just a matter of time. Furthermore, deploying nuclear weapons in space is far from a new idea. The evolution of US military … Read more

NASA successfully tests the world’s most powerful rocket

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the successful test of the Space Launch System spacecraft at the Mississippi Space Center. Experts tested the central rocket unit, the largest rocket element NASA has ever built. Four engines ran for more than eight minutes. Space Launch System – super heavy launch vehicle. 95 tons with … Read more

NASA lost touch with a very important spacecraft

6 days after the launch in space, the satellite stopped communicating, which should check the stability of the new space station’s orbit. On June 28 this year, a new NASA satellite called CAPSTONE went into space to control the orbit of the future lunar space station Gateway according to preliminary calculations by scientists. But on … Read more

Beginning without end. Researchers told us if space has a limit

No matter how many people try, it will never be possible to see the entire outer space in its entirety. The space is large, very large. It is large enough to fit the earth, the sun and all other planets with stars, writes Read the best material in the section on the Facebook page … Read more

Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration New realities and rules in the development of the Earth’s near space have practically put an end to the generally accepted agreement where outer space … | 2022-04-29, InoSMI 2022-04-29T12: 30 2022-04-29T12: 30 … Read more