Space today is an innovative and profitable business

The 21st century has become a permanent and eternal one today. New technologies have become so mundane and common that we do not notice it, do not get surprised and do not think about how and why they were created. Sometimes we do not even notice the starry sky. Why does humanity need space? Why … Read more

Space Treaty – Nauka – Kommersant

Exactly half a century ago, the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom signed the “Treaty on the Principles of State Activities for the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies”. This international agreement defined and still defines not so much the rights that each of the … Read more

NATO declares space as a separate area of ​​operation | News from Germany about world events | DW

NATO intends to recognize space as a separate area of ​​operation together with land, as well as air, sea and cyberspace. This was announced by Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday 19 November. He expects NATO foreign ministers to agree on a decision at … Read more

“Star Wars” could start between Moscow and Washington

The Americans have created a special intelligence unit, Space Delta 18, whose purpose is to monitor Russia’s and China’s actions in orbit. The world smelled of a new war. This time – “star” and it’s not about cinema. As reported by the popular Indian television channel WION, in the United States in late June, the … Read more

CERN launches first satellite into orbit

Physicists want to test the function of a ground-based radiation detector in space. On July 13, the European Space Agency will launch the small CELESTA satellite aboard its Vega-C rocket from a South American spaceport. The satellite will launch a radiation detector that has already worked on the Large Hadron Collider to test its performance … Read more

Pentagon: Russia has weapons aimed at satellites and deprives the United States of a major military advantage

19 June 2020 14:12 19 June 2020 14:12 | Share The US Department of Defense has published a new edition of the country’s military space strategy. The document, which is based on the Trump administration’s national defense strategy, addresses a potential space confrontation with strong military powers such as China and Russia. space troops The … Read more

Space debris and communications satellites. How the capital monitors the orbit near the earth

Hundreds of objects can be seen in the sky over Moscow on a clear day. They are quite identifiable – these are satellites launched by humans into space. Thanks to these objects, mobile devices have a connection, online maps work and traffic jams are displayed. Hundreds of objects in the Earth’s orbit are observed regularly, … Read more

Ukraine and Kenya discussed possible cooperation in the space industry (photo)

Ukraine is ready to use outer space for peaceful purposes with Kenyan companies. Representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine discussed with the delegation from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs the prospects for cooperation between the two countries in the space industry. This was reported by the department’s press service. FOCUS on Google … Read more

Leave room for astronauts – Nauka – Kommersant

Wherever a person shows up, debris will certainly appear, and space is no exception. According to the US (NORAD, NASA), European (DISCOS, ESA) and Russian (ASPOS OKP) catalogs of space debris, approximately 20,000 registered space objects larger than 10 cm are observed in space near Earth. In order to observe and register smaller debris, it … Read more

The space went from hand to hand – Hi-Tech – Commercial

The coming year promises to be another step in the expansion of the presence of private companies in space and the development of space tourism. Spacecraft developers, space tourism companies, start-ups and manufacturers of high-tech equipment have many assignments and events planned for 2022. But the more actively the commercialization of outer space is underway, … Read more