North Korea prepares to launch satellite: expert evaluates Pyongyang’s missile program

+ A – “North Korean engineers have prepared many interesting things” North Korea conducted a series of four missile launches. One of them, the fourth, was called a failure in Seoul: the rocket is said to have exploded shortly after the launch. What these launches mean and how the United States can react to them, … Read more

The evolution of Belgorod scientists is sent into space

Photo: RSC Energia / Roscosmos The main task of the developed material is to become a reliable protection for astronauts from cosmic radiation in the future. Last week, the management of Roscosmos State Corporation decided to deliver to the International Space Station in February this year two samples of scientific equipment made from a new … Read more

The space outside the solar system is becoming increasingly dense

Voyagers, spacecraft that only the lazy have not heard of. It is not necessary to understand in detail astronomy and astronautics to understand how breakthroughs these probes have become. Perhaps this is the best NASA space mission in the history of astronautics. Roskosmos only dreams of this. Thanks to Voyagers, we got a first look … Read more