Young people think that astronomy is to go with a girl under the stars! – News (Society) /

May 7 is World Astronomy Day. The start was given in 1973 in California. The president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, D. Berger, decided that it is not worth upsetting people to travel long distances to visit the open days of famous observatories, instead you need to install affordable telescopes in cramped places … Read more

Key points about the coronavirus on April 18 –

More than 290,000 people were vaccinated against covid-19 in Chelny In the last 24 hours, 245 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Tatarstan. In total, on April 18, the total number of infected people in the republic reached 141,862. 135,732 people recovered during the entire period, including 249 in the last 24 hours. … Read more

Schoolchildren from Cuba have created a satellite and plan to launch it into close range

The satellite is planned to be launched to investigate the effect of cold, low pressure and increased background radiation on bacteria. Such bacteria are used in cinema. The head of the project and the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity “Perspective” Kirill Popko noted the importance of motivating school children to engineering and technical creativity and … Read more

How many astronauts from the first department went into space

The first division of cosmonauts during parachute training © Museum of Cosmonautics On March 7, 1960, 12 people entered the first cosmonaut corps, including Yuri Gagarin and Alexei Leonov. Over the next few months, another eight people were admitted to the detachment. But not everyone could complete the preparations and go to extraterrestrial space. In … Read more

Americans want to “privatize” space in the style of western movies about the Wild West

World Space Week (October 4-10) this year is timed to coincide with two important dates – the launch of the world’s first artificial earth satellite in 1957 and the entry into force of the Outer Space Treaty, which took place on October 10, 1967. The last document is rarely remembered today … Equal access for … Read more

The space outside the solar system is becoming increasingly dense

Voyagers, spacecraft that only the lazy have not heard of. It is not necessary to understand in detail astronomy and astronautics to understand how breakthroughs these probes have become. Perhaps this is the best NASA space mission in the history of astronautics. Roskosmos only dreams of this. Thanks to Voyagers, we got a first look … Read more

Scientists warn of a “sense of doom” during interplanetary flights Scientists warn of a “sense of doom” during interplanetary flights Scientists have warned of the “feeling of doom” during interplanetary flights. FREE NEWS Scientists warn of a “sense of doom” during interplanetary flights Flights to other planets can be accompanied by feelings of longing and doom, which can not be overcome with traditional methods, … Read more

How to celebrate the anniversary of Cosmonautics Day at VDNKh with a child KXan 36 Daily News

April 12 is an anniversary in our country – 60 years ago, our compatriot Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin became the first person to “pierce” outer space. The country’s main exhibition has been celebrating Cosmonautics Day for several years now. An entire program has been prepared for the anniversary. Guests will be offered free tours of the … Read more