Terem was built by the Amur region to the Eastern Economic Forum on the “Street of the Far East”

Photo: Natalia Fadeeva This is a really old Russian tower – a three-story building with a complex white ornament, which in some places folds into a tiger’s muzzle. The concept of the pavilion is directly related to the II International Forum on the Conservation of the Striped Predator Population and one of the symbols of … Read more

How to survive the effects of the expected magnetic storm on May 24 – Amurskaya Pravda

Photo: rsute.ru What is a magnetic storm? Magnetic storms occur at the time of increased solar activity, and many weather-dependent people are constantly feeling their consequences. This phenomenon is a consequence of ongoing eruptions in the celestial body, where a huge amount of solar energy is released into outer space. Charged particles that reach the … Read more