Summer Reads: Luxury Travel Tips for 2022

The New Zealand Herald is bringing back some of the best premium stories of 2021. Today we look at some of the best luxury travel recommendations for the year ahead. Penthouse Wings and private islands: a once in a lifetime travel in New Zealand As we’ve all been finding out since March 2020, staying home … Read more

British TikTok pilot shares tips for jittery posts on popular TikTok

travel January 16, 2022 09:44 pm3 minutes to read Murray advises passengers to watch videos about take-off, choose a specific seat, and limit drinks to calm their nerves. Photo / TikTok If your stomach drops at the thought of enduring a long or bumpy flight, British pilot and tactician Harrison Murray has some advice. Pilot … Read more

Summer travel ideas: Top tips for holidays in Rarotonga

travel Jan 2, 2022 04:00 PM3 minutes to read Mooring Fish Café is one of the old favorites in Rarotonga. Sundays are bio alcohol, with entertainment from a live band. Photo / Stephanie Holmes From January 14, the bubble will resume between New Zealand and the Cook Islands, meaning that kiwis can visit Rarotonga and … Read more