April 12 – Cosmonautics Day!

In April 1962, Cosmonautics Day was officially established in our country by decree of the Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.The idea for the holiday was proposed by the second pilot cosmonaut in the Soviet Union, German Titov. In 1969, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale changed its name and on 12 April designated … Read more

What is space tourism and how much does it cost to fly into space

On Cosmonautics Day, we find out where to buy a ticket to orbit What is space tourism. Photo: @astronomybasics Did you know that only 600 people have been in space so far? This unfortunate mistake is planned to be corrected by several “tour operators” of space destinations simultaneously. How much does a flight to space … Read more

The space went from hand to hand – Hi-Tech – Commercial

The coming year promises to be another step in the expansion of the presence of private companies in space and the development of space tourism. Spacecraft developers, space tourism companies, start-ups and manufacturers of high-tech equipment have many missions and events planned for 2022. But the more actively the commercialization of outer space is underway, … Read more