Slow Travel And Why You Should Think About It

Alistair Berg / Getty Images Panting to catch my breath, I painstakingly ride my bike up the steep and winding mountain road, the elevation is more than a mile above sea level. I was doing my best to get to Logan Pass, the stunning high point on the famous Going to the Sun Road in … Read more

Study suggests travel brands adopt crypto payments

Frequent travelers are twice as likely to own cryptocurrency than the general public. GT aAs the calendar turned to the new year, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked 403,000 followers on Twitter what his company should launch in 2022. Of the 4,000 proposals he received, the highest demand was for the holiday rental giant to accept … Read more

8 beautiful places to spend winter in the US in 2022

Downton Hot Springs, Colorado Mariana Jamadi With the United States lifting its international travel ban on November 8 and domestic travel booming, now is the time to ditch those winter spots you’ve been flocking to for decades for something a little more exciting and off the beaten track. Just because you might not be outside … Read more

Gambia: About the Ministry of Health’s new travel advice!

The world is going through a difficult period since the outbreak of the new virus in 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Since then, the outbreak has not only disrupted the global travel industry, but has also disrupted the way life once was. The hardships and challenges caused by this deadly virus will forever … Read more

Travel Inspiration: The World’s Biggest Events for 2022/2023

Alice Frances writes that the world of mega-events is preparing for a new thrill in the new year Are you eager to pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime in 2022 or 2023? Why not take the time to travel around one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With so many large-scale events and festivals … Read more

Know before you go: CBP recommends their top 10 travel tips

Washington—With non-essential travel restrictions lifted and travelers preparing for the busy holiday season, advance preparation will become even more important. Longer-than-usual wait times and long queues at air and land ports are expected to get in, so travelers are reminded to exercise patience. However, to make their waiting times as convenient as possible, CBP offers … Read more

What should I do if my flight is canceled or delayed?

(CNN) – It’s been tough work for some air travelers since the winter holidays rush — and it might not be over soon. Citing a sharp rise in Omicron variant cases and in some cases bad weather, airlines have canceled and delayed thousands of flights since December 23. This trend continued into the early weeks … Read more

I am 68, my husband is terminally ill, and his $3 million in estate will go to his son. I want to spend the rest of my days traveling – will I have enough cash?

help me please. I am a 68 year old woman who has been married for 17 years to the love of my life. Our finances have always been separate, and I have signed a prenuptial agreement acknowledging that his son will inherit his owned property in a living trust (about $3 million). I got our … Read more

7 ideas for people of all ages

Winters in Michigan offer a whole new range of activities for people of all ages, and that’s just one of the great things about living here. Here’s a look at some of the best things to try this winter. ☃️ Winter in Michigan Winter in Michigan. It’s cold, it’s snowy, and sometimes it’s just too … Read more

Hiking tips for the Continental Divide Trail or CDT

Millions of people have canceled their travel plans in 2021 as Covid-19 halts international flights around the world. They were not among them Renee Miller and Tim Bisinger. The pair are “by hiking,” a term that describes a pattern of hiking that begins and ends in different places, while often covering long distances. Instead of … Read more