Is there life in space?

space accent No one disputes the fact that outer space is a potential theater of military operations. That is, weapons are there, depending on the chosen direction – nuclear, kinetic, laser, etc. – Just a matter of time. Furthermore, deploying nuclear weapons in space is far from a new idea. The evolution of US military … Read more

The Verge (US): Defining the edge of space could be crucial to the future of space travel

The International Aviation Federation (World Air Sports Federation or Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) announced in November this year that it was considering changing the Karman line, that is, the height considered to be the limit of outer space. This line is named after Theodore von Karman, a Hungarian engineer and mathematician who was the first to … Read more

Why Alaska Can Return to Russia

– Always remember America: there is a part of the territory – Alaska. We have something to give back. They propose to hold a referendum there, – Recently, the President of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, reminded the United States that Russia can retake Alaska. The referendum was proposed by Vice-President Pyotr Tolstoy. And in … Read more

“Star Wars” could start between Moscow and Washington

The Americans have created a special intelligence unit, Space Delta 18, whose purpose is to monitor Russia’s and China’s actions in orbit. The world smelled of a new war. This time – “star” and it’s not about cinema. As reported by the popular Indian television channel WION, in the United States in late June, the … Read more

Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration Anarchy: a threat looms over space exploration New realities and rules in the development of the Earth’s near space have practically put an end to the generally accepted agreement where outer space … | 2022-04-29, InoSMI 2022-04-29T12: 30 2022-04-29T12: 30 … Read more