How to celebrate the anniversary of Cosmonautics Day at VDNKh with a child KXan 36 Daily News

April 12 is an anniversary in our country – 60 years ago, our compatriot Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin became the first person to “pierce” outer space. The country’s main exhibition has been celebrating Cosmonautics Day for several years now. An entire program has been prepared for the anniversary. Guests will be offered free tours of the … Read more

The Soviet Union exploded two nuclear warheads into space 60 years ago KXan 36 Daily News

60 years ago, on October 27, 1961, the Soviet Union detonated two nuclear weapons that were delivered into space by rockets. It was a rare case during the years when the Soviet Union acted as a catch-up in the space race. After all, the United States conducted the world’s first tests of nuclear weapons in … Read more