The Crew Dragon spacecraft will have a toilet with panoramic views of space

In 2020, SpaceX became the first private company to send astronauts to the International People’s Station. In the past, Russian Soyuz ships were commonly used to deliver humans into space, but engineers led by Elon Musk have developed a completely new and no less safe Crew Dragon. It is designed both to fulfill orders from NASA and for space tourism. During serious missions, a docking mechanism is used with the station on top of the structure, but during tourist flights it is not needed. Therefore, SpaceX engineers instead installed a toilet with a panoramic view of space. All this was reported by one of the tourists who will fly into low orbit around the earth in September 2021. Let’s see what other functions the spacecraft toilet will have and how it works?

The picture shows an approximate appearance of the panoramic toilet on the Crew Dragom ship.

SpaceX tourist flight in September

The fact that the spacecraft from SpaceX will have an unusual toilet, said billionaire Jared Isaacman (Jared Isaacman). Together with three other people, he will go on a space trip “Inspiration 4” in about 3 days on 15 September this year. Along with him inside the ship will be an employee at the hospital in St. Jude, an experienced test pilot and teacher. For several months now, they have undergone pre-flight training. It has been previously reported that it would not be too difficult – the participants would simply undergo a medical examination, instructions and get their bodies in shape with the help of physical exercises.

Participants in the mission “Inspiration 4”

Не будем говорить про миссию «Inspiration 4» слишком долго, потому что вся важная информация уже есть в этой статье. Давайте перейдем к главной теме текущего материала.

Crew Dragon spacecraft toilet

Apparently, at the moment, participants in the first tourist flight are instructed by SpaceX. In fact, Jared Isaacman himself shared that there will be a glass-domed toilet on top of the ship that provides a 360-degree view of space. During flights to the ISS, a docking mechanism is installed instead, but as part of the Inspiration 4 mission, the ship will not dock to anything and this part of the ship is simply not needed. But a toilet is needed, especially with a good view of the enchanting space.

Video of Crew Dragom’s panoramic toilet

The space tourist did not provide information on exactly what it looks like and how it works. But even if he wanted to share such details, he could hardly explain all the principles of the work. According to the Science Times, the spacecraft’s toilet is the same as the ISS. Outwardly, space toilets, called “waste and hygiene departments”, are almost impossible to distinguish from those in our homes. The first difference is that the toilet has fasteners needed to fix a person. The second feature is that the toilet uses a fan suction system. In fact, human waste is blown away by a strong air current.

Space toilet “Waste and hygiene compartment”

Интересный факт: астронавт Пегги Уилсон провела в космосе рекордные 665 дней. В интервью для издания Business Insider она поделилась, что посещение туалета является самой сложной частью пребывания в космосе.

It turns out that it will not always be good and fun for space tourists during a flight on a spaceship. From time to time, they will need to visit the toilet, as the assignment will last for about 3 days in a row. But it’s good that it has a glass part with a panoramic view – travelers will definitely not miss anything interesting. Jared Isaacman did not provide any more important information, but the hope is that in the future he will share other understandable facts. Personally, I wonder exactly what they will eat during the flight.

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If you want to learn more about the interior of the Crew Dragon, I recommend you check out the tour hosted by astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley last year. As it turned out, a touch interface is used for control, and some pilots take soft toys into space. If I managed to captivate you, follow this link.

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