The ELIPS group recorded a video with Kirkorov’s father

Space scenery, animation and real spacesuits are just a small part of the idea.

Show business continues to be replenished with new talent. To replace the old artists, the rising group “ELiPS” was announced, presenting a video for the song “Make it louder!”. It has already been appreciated by the father of the Russian pop king, Bedros Kirkorov, who personally participated in it, and Artem Orlov and Inessa Kaminskaya, popular composers and arrangers of many talented celebrities, such as Dima Bilan, Vlad Sokolovsky, Emin, Valeria and others, became co-authors to the song.

Members of the duet “ELIPS” – Suren Platonov and Elgiza Karazhanova

By the way, not so long ago, 90-year-old Bedros Filippovich underwent a complex heart operation. But this did not prevent him from participating in the filming and playing the role assigned to him. Realistic space landscapes, bright animation and real spacesuits for astronauts are just a small part of the idea. The directors of the video tried to create a real outer space of the shooting pavilion. In fact, according to the script, the main characters (they are also members of the duet – ed. note) are a couple in love.

Bedros Kirkorov/ Frame from the clip “Make it loud!”

The clip itself is more like a fantasy movie plot. Elya (Kazakh singer Elgiza Karazhanova) and Suren (semi-finalist of the show “Voice” Suren Platonov) flew to a new planet to understand if there is life on it. The main feature of this place is the elasticity of time. What is an hour for Elgiza is 10 years for Suren. By the way, according to the artists, it took 4 whole days to prepare and shoot. After all, it was not so easy to get used to the role of real astronauts.

It is worth noting that the soloists of the ELiPS group have already collaborated with Philip Kirkorov in such creative works as the clip “Mood Color is Black”, “The Best City of the Earth” and others. However, working with the father of the pop king was no less pleasant for them. According to the duo, they have long admired Bedro’s work and were surprised by his achievement at the age of 90.

“We couldn’t even dream that an artist of such magnitude would play in our video. It’s amazing! We express our deep gratitude to Bedros Filippovich for his support and participation in the recording of our musical short video,” the members of the ELIPS group shared their feelings with Notepad.

What is known about the participants:

Suren Platonov

Suren Platonov – semi-finalist in the show “Voice. Season 9”, musician, student of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesins. The 21-year-old singer has a long career behind him: many awards and interesting collaborations with Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Dima Bilan, Yulia Nachalova, Eldar Abdurazakov and others.Last year, Suren received the official status – “Soloist of the composer Arno Babajanyan Memorial Fund.”

Elgiza Karazhanova

Elgiza Karazhanova is a singer with more pop vocals, soloist of the “Composer Arno Babajanyan Memorial Fund”. On her account, active participation and victories in many competitions, musical projects for children in Russia and Kazakhstan, where Elya is from. She sang on the same stage with Zara, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Olga Buzova and other celebrities. In addition, the 16-year-old soloist actively participates in such TV projects as “Christmas Song of the Year” on NTV, “Heat Fest”, etc.


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