The festival for creative industries “RailsyFest” will be held in Tver

July 23 from 12:00 to 20:00 in the landscape park “Tmaka”, opposite the shopping center “Olimp”, one of the most important events of the summer will be held – the festival for creative industries “RailsFest”. The program includes top lectures from speakers from all over Russia, free master classes for children and adults, public talks, interactive platforms and workshops from business partners, a market with local brands and a food court. Admission is free, call your friends, it will be great, the organizers promise.

Now in the landscape park “Tmaka” preparations are underway for the event – the construction of a venue for public events. During the festival, a lecture hall will be here: speakers from different cities in Russia will come to talk about the creative industries.

On the site of the My Business Center, you can familiarize yourself with the case of Tver creative entrepreneurs, tell others about your company in the network zone and test your knowledge of creative industries and companies. The Jurgenson Brothers Museum-Pharmacy team will hold two workshops where you can make botanical watercolors and reliefs. And during the day, go on a tour of the landscape park, find traces of the old pharmacist’s garden and participate in the exchange of flowers. If an unnecessary ficus or any other plant is sad at home, bring it here.

What to do at RailsFest apart from lectures and master classes? You can try your hand at voice acting for books and come up with the plot in your own work with Liters. Get acquainted with high technology, create a 3D model and see outer space with the help of a virtual reality helmet from Quantorium.

At the counter “Rails” you will find goods and postcards from Tver illustrators, which you can immediately sign and send to anywhere in Russia for free. You will see works by Tver artists created on the theme of nature especially for the exhibition as part of the festival. And do not forget to play your favorite board games and top news.

At RailsFest, guests will have a wonderful dining area where they can grab a bite to eat and try delicacies: craft lemonades, Asian udon and ramen soup, fusion food with Mexican minitacos, chili con carne with nachos and Italian bruschettas, gazpacho soup, Chinese bao and dim sum, Korean corn dogs, Japanese onigiri and udon, iced coffee, pastries, ice cream and more.

The fair will present unique objects – products from Tver and not just craftsmen and craftsmen: handmade jewelry from pearls, natural stones and pearls, silver jewelry from Russian designers, jewelry from herbarium, resin and allergy-friendly accessories; Sleep masks and cosmetics; ceramic products; shoppers, pajamas, eco-bags, aromatic sachets for the home, bags, scarves, collars etc.

In addition to lectures, there will be cool workshops for children and adults at RailsFest! For example, you can create your own musical instrument and art panel based on artwork, or feel like a real artist sketching and scribbling. Each workshop is designed for 30 seats, there is no pre-registration on the website, it will be carried out directly on the festival day.

At the end of the RailsFest program, a documentary film directed by German Vaske about creative people and creative thinking will be shown. Why are we creative? Is it in our blood? Or do we do it just to make money?
The answers that Herman Waske received are as diverse and exciting as his respondents. 101 interlocutors shared their thoughts on creativity with Vaske, including: David Bowie, Jim Jarmusch, Stephen Hawking, David Lynch, Damien Hirst, Marina Abramovic, the Dalai Lama, Quentin Tarantino and many other award-winning filmmakers, philosophers, musicians and artists “Oscar” and Nobel Prize, world stars in politics, business and science.

Participating in all lectures, public talks and films at the festival is free! The location of all places is on the map at the entrance to the festival, and clarifies information from volunteers and organizers.


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