The inhabitants of Omsk were once again asked to “launch” them into space

In Omsk, the multimedia performance “My Space” will, according to many requests from the audience, be shown for the third time.

Starting on April 2, every weekend in the historical park “Russia – My story”, a multimedia performance “My space” (0+) will be held for children. It takes place in an unusual space, where instead of a roof there is a large dome-shaped screen.

Children and school children will enter the space zone, where they will forget the reality of everyday life and move through time and space. A large dome-shaped screen, professional actors, multimedia scenery, comfortable beanbags – all this will make every guest feel like a real astronaut.

– We are launching the play “My Space” for the third time. They did it for the first time on Cosmonautics Day – it was 60 years since the first manned flight into space. At the request of the audience and the citizens, we launched flights into space for the second time in October, and we also “flew” successfully. When we launched the New Year’s multimedia show “Not just a door”, there were still many who asked about space. Therefore, in April, again for the anniversary, we decided to start this project again, – the organizer of the event Natalya Trubkina shared with “Omsk Here”.

Natalia Trubkina

Although the show is being held for the third time, the organizers are trying to update and refine it every time.

– It is of course different from our other multimedia performances. They are all different, but our space is a story. We have a planet, the solar system, they do not change, so the relevance of this performance is always one hundred percent, added Natalya Trubkina. – The performance is educational, interactive and immersive. In general, together with my husband Evgeny, we thought for a long time how to make interesting projects for children and came up with such a format. We found a vaulted space, where our multimedia performances began to be born.

This show will be interesting not only for children but also for their parents. Rediscover the beauty of the cosmos in the educational interactive play “My Space”.

– We had a task – to arouse in children and adults love and interest in our planet, in space. Many children after our show want to become astronauts. Parents write letters of thanks to us that they now go and brush their teeth on command, go to bed without problems if they are told that astronauts do this. They start gluing some kind of star toys to their ceiling, building spaceships for themselves in the room. In general, all this is very inspiring for us, – shared Natalia Trubkina.

“Omsk Here” previously done reportage from the premiere this multimedia performance.

The first screenings are scheduled for April 2 and 3 at 12:00, 14:00. The show “My Cosmos” will be held in the historic park’s chamber hall (40 seats) every Saturday and Sunday until the end of April. The duration of the event is 60 minutes. The cost of the entrance ticket is 550 rubles. Children under three years – free (in a parent’s arms without providing a separate seat). The museum also offers discounts. You can register and ask questions by phone: 95-11-35, 8-923-760-12-55.

The event’s information partners are “Radio Siberia. Omsk”, “Omsk Here” and the TV channel “Promotion” in Omsk.

Photo: Ilya Petrov

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