The most memorable movies about space disasters

Outer space can be dangerous, especially in movies. A variety of disasters that have a cosmic origin occur in cinema. Sometimes it’s something from outer space that threatens Earth. In other cases, people in space face the danger of what is there. We have compiled a list of movies about space disasters. Please note, films about the invasion of intelligent aliens from space to Earth are not included in this list!

1 “Armageddon” (1998)

Like most Michael Bay movies, Armageddon is striking in its absurdity. Oil drillers are trained to go into space so they can drill into an asteroid and plant a bomb to blow it up and save the planet. This movie also gave us the song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Nevertheless, the audience liked the picture, because “Armageddon” became the highest-grossing film of 1998.

2 Deep Impact (1998)

You are not wrong. In the same year, two films about a space disaster were released. In fact, both Deep Impact and Armageddon are about a space object that threatens to collide with Earth. However, Void Impact is very different in that… it’s a comet, not an asteroid. “Deep Impact” was less successful than “Armageddon”, and remained forever in the second role.

3 Apollo 13 (1995)

Let’s get a little more realistic. Of course, the events in the movie Apollo 13 actually happened. Ron Howard’s film is about a real space disaster that threatened the lives of the astronauts on board. Everyone survived, so the film turned out to be tense, but predictable.

4 “The Martian” (2015)

Home Alone: ​​Lost in New York, but with an astronaut. Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on Mars and forced to survive on his own while waiting for a rescue mission. Ridley Scott’s film, based on the hit book, has many details. It is noteworthy that “The Martian” received the Golden Globe in the nomination “Best film – musical or comedy”, although it is difficult to call it a comedy.

5 “Gravity” (2013)

If you saw this movie in theaters, you were most likely holding on to the armrest. Alfonso Cuarón has done a fantastic job of creating a gooey disaster movie that basically only has one character. It’s Dr. Ryan Stone, superbly played by Sandra Bullock. Never before in the cinema has there been such a feeling that you yourself are in the middle of a cosmic disaster and everything in the film is happening to you.

6 Apollo 18 (2011)

Although the execution is not the best, the idea behind the Apollo 18 movie is quite good. In reality, the Apollo 18 flight was canceled. This footage suggests that the mission actually took place, but that it was classified because something went wrong. As you may have guessed, this is a found footage horror film.

7 “Annihilation” (2018)

Even if I wanted to ruin your Annihilation movie by ruining the highlights, there’s nothing I could do. Simply because it is quite problematic to recount its contents. All we know is that a meteorite fell over the US and created “flickers”. Director Alex Garland is clearly too much of a mystery.

8 “Meteor” (1979)

How could we not include a movie called “Meteor”? It’s not the best movie, but it has a great cast. It’s one of those all-star disaster movies like in the sky, but with a meteor as a threat. We’re talking about Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau, Henry Fonda and others.

9 “Melancholia” (2011)

What if a rogue planet were to crash into Earth and end all life and you didn’t care? This is actually the essence of the film Lars von Trier. This is the man who directed Antichrist and Nymphomaniac. He cannot be called a funny director. Kirsten Dunst does a great job in her role, but this movie is not for everyone.

10 “Looking for a Friend for the End of the World” (2012)

The end of the world will come in three weeks, when an asteroid will hit the earth. It is impossible to save the situation. It’s still a comedy-drama. Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star as two people facing such a fate, turned against each other and navigating a world that has, understandably, fallen into chaos and decay.

11 “When Worlds Collide” (1951)

This is one of those classic sci-fi B-movies from a long time ago. The star will destroy Earth, so humanity begins to build spaceships to take people from the planet to the star planet Zira. The song “When Worlds Collide” was blessed to be used in the opening theme song of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

12 The Blob (1958)

As we’ve already said, intelligent beings that come to Earth to attack humans don’t count, but “The Drop” does. The lump doesn’t think. He just grows. And it’s growing. And consumes. He hits Earth in a meteorite, and it only gets worse from there. It is noteworthy that the film “The Drop” was the debut of Steve McQueen in the film.

13 Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Yes, there is a space disaster movie in this family movie series. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs. In the film, the squirrel Scrat is sent into space in an abandoned spaceship and accidentally sends an asteroid towards Earth. How it’s done.

14 The Andromeda Strain (1971)

Before Jurassic Park and Congo, writer Michael Crichton gave us the Andromeda tribe. In fact, this is the first novel he published under his own name and his first successful novel. It tells of a deadly organism found on Earth, but worse, it turns out to be of extraterrestrial origin.

15 Aliens (1979)

It was a borderline choice, but not because of the quality. Alien is one of the best horror movies and one of the best space movies. However, we had to decide if the Xenomorph was too advanced for our liking. However, Alien seems to be much more basic than subsequent films in the series. This is a film about how the hard space destroys an unassuming team. That is why it is included in our collection.

16 Space Cowboys (2000)

Sometimes space problems are man-made. Take for example the movie Space Cowboys. Here we are talking about the old satellite could crash into the earth. To fix it, several “older” astronauts are sent into space. We’re talking about Clint Eastwood (aka director), Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland. In fact, this is “Armageddon” for the baby boomers.

17 “Inferno” / Sunshine (2007)

2057 the sun dies. This does not bode well for the earth. A spaceship is sent to Earth with a bomb to try to turn the sun back on and save lives. Danny Boyle directs the ensemble. The film is a bit more atmospheric, with more 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris influences than action films.

18 Cut Off From The World (1969)

A few months after Apollo 11, we got a movie with a grim vision of what could happen to astronauts in space. Three astronauts are in space. One of them is played by Gene Hackman, and the film also won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. On the other hand, he also made it to the show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

19 “Mission to Mars” (2000)

Eventually, humans will go to Mars. We hope it will do better than the film on this subject. Mission to Mars is Brian De Palma’s film about the first manned mission to the red planet, but of course it doesn’t go well. It’s not a total disaster, but there are plenty of disasters in the movie.

20 “Don’t Watch Out” (2021)

Adam McKay was once the face of absurdist comedy alongside Will Ferrell, but now he’s turned to making dark comedies with political themes. The movie “Don’t Look Up” was no exception. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play two astronomers who discover that a comet is about to destroy the Earth. After that, dark fun begins with some political commentary.

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