The most realistic films about space

  • Lack of sound in space

    There is virtually no air in space. Since sound is only vibrations in the air, it cannot propagate in the vacuum of space. So the explosion of the spacecraft will take place in total silence.

  • Visible laser beams

    For a laser beam to be visible, it must either shine directly into your eyes or bounce off the surface of other objects. Therefore, a laser beam flying through the boundless outer space will be invisible.

  • Spaceships travel faster than light

    Nothing can travel faster than light, and no incredible technology can achieve that speed. This means that all space travel will take a long time: from months to decades. And the film’s heroes will not be able to be anywhere in the universe almost immediately.

  • Inertia

    When a spaceship accelerates rapidly, passengers should be thrown backwards, just as they should lean forward when braking.

  • artificial gravity

    The principle of artificial gravity is that it must act on all objects and bodies on the spacecraft.

  • Spaces of spaceships

    To tilt or swing sharply in the opposite direction, a flying craft must push off from the airbag. And since there is no air in space, to turn the shuttles you have to gradually change direction and then start the engines.

  • Travel to the past

    Real physics does not allow to move into the past, as this would lead to the formation of various paradoxes.

  • People do not explode in a vacuum

    The tissues of the human body are strong enough to withstand the pressure drop when entering outer space without a spacesuit. In addition, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration, in such a situation, a person may be in the creation of about 9-12 seconds.

  • Space weapons have unlimited range

    There is no air in space that can slow down rockets, bullets, bombs and other charges fired by spacecraft. So they will travel in infinite space if they do not encounter an obstacle.

  • Asteroid belt density

    In reality, the asteroid belt is not as tight as it usually appears in some movies. The distance between each individual asteroid is large enough for a spaceship to fly between them.

  • The pull of a black hole

    If a spaceship is near a black hole, it will not necessarily be pulled inward. Instead, it can orbit the Black Hole like its satellite.

  • In outer space, a person does not freeze immediately

    Cold is the absence of heat. And if a person is without a spacesuit, let’s say, in the shade, that is, he will not be exposed to sunlight, it will take some time for the body to cool down.

  • Lack of lighting

    Every cosmic body will be visible only if it is illuminated by the sun or a star.

  • Ships with shut-off engines do not stop

    On the ground, when the engine is switched off, the vehicle stops due to friction against the surface. But there is no friction in space, so a ship with an engine that does not work will continue to move.

  • The stars do not move

    The stars are so far away that their motion is basically zero. When you look out the window of a speeding spaceship, it seems that you are not moving at all.

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