The space outside the solar system is becoming increasingly dense

Voyagers, spacecraft that only the lazy have not heard of. It is not necessary to understand in detail astronomy and astronautics to understand how breakthroughs these probes have become.

Perhaps this is the best NASA space mission in the history of astronautics. Roskosmos only dreams of this.

Thanks to Voyagers, we got a first look at Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 missions were repeatedly extended until they were given indefinite status. This means that both spacecraft are in free space navigation and continue to send more and more data to Earth.

Voyager’s main data collection tools are still in operation. Probes have long since left the solar system, moving in the direction of distant stars, which they will reach in several thousand years.

More than 40 years have passed since Voyagers launched the earth. But astronomers continue to make new discoveries thanks to the readings from the probes. Voyagers made the impossible possible. We can receive data and analyze outer space beyond the solar system.

Today, humanity has nothing else like it.

We have never been so far from the earth. Every day, the outer space around Voyager becomes denser. The same data were recorded from both spacecraft. The density has increased over the last 10 years.

Why could these scientific facts interest researchers so much?

Everything is very simple, the further away from the solar system the density should be reduced on the contrary, it is the elementary laws of physics. Which, as we can see, does not work.
No matter how hard scientists around the world try, in the last 10 years we have not come close to sniffing out, and all hypotheses are untenable and too contradictory.

There is no scientific explanation for what is happening.

If there was 1 Voyager in space, all would be depreciated as equipment errors or data errors. But you can not draw such conclusions with two devices. It apparently remains to wait for the third.

Physicists suggest that everything is to blame for the limit of the solar system, which is only conditional. It turns out that the further Voyagers move away, the less the impact of the solar wind, which soon disappears completely.

But in the past, they thought differently and provided relevant evidence.

I would venture to say that Voyagers entered interstellar space, where there is its own magnetic field and electromagnetic instability. Also, if there is a solar wind, then the interstellar really does exist. Most likely this is the increase in density.


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