The tools of metaphysics in the service of the state

In the famous tale of Rikki-tikki-tavi, there is a brave mongoose – the only one who overcomes the merciless cobra. She is a symbol of a small, fragile, but assertive and fearless being who fights alone against a thousand-headed enemy.

This image appears to be copied from the image of Europe’s oldest people. I was told from childhood that I am a little Basque, and the Basques are a little people, is sung in the Song of Roland, the first epic work of the early Middle Ages. It tells how a poorly armed or unarmed Basque opposes a multiple superior enemy force.

The myth is based on historical facts. In the Ravine of Ronsenval in 778, a small detachment of Basques defeated Charlemagne’s many times superior rear guard (Charlemagne), thus preventing the enemy from penetrating Basque territory. This work is studied in all ikastols – Basque schools where all subjects are taught, including mathematics in the unified Basque language “euskera batua” (Basque batua).

Roland’s death in the Ronsenval Ravine

I never studied the Basque language, although from the age of 9 I was surrounded by Basque literature. Among them are “Myths of Amaya” – a fairy tale epic that tells about the amazing goddess-liberator of the weak and small Basques, textbooks, audio and video, which I studied with the help of dictionaries in three or four languages. Dictionaries have not been able to help me with the overwhelming task of learning on my own the ergative Basque language, which differs greatly from Russian and Spanish not even in lexical composition, but in psycholinguistic structure. In this it is similar to most Kartvelian dialects, Georgian and Ingush ergative languages.

I’ll give you an example. In Russian we say: “The sun lights up the edge of the forest.” And in Basque it reads: “The edge of the forest is lit by the sun.” And so it is with everything.

A bilingual Basque is a person with two developed hemispheres of the brain, preferring the right one, which is responsible for creativity. This is confirmed by many years of research by physiologists-psychologists and anthropologists such as Talesforo Aransadi.

Using my Basque abilities, I spent the morning today paying tribute to the biography of a significant political figure in the country where I live – Stalin. Of particular interest to me is his biography up to 1917. I wanted to understand what his spiritual reinforcement was based on: what he read, what he wrote and what influenced him during the long 40 years of his rise to power.

I am not interested in when Stalin was born – 1878 or 1879 or 1881 (according to Swedish police) or how at the age of 17 he fell under the Phaeton and lost the mobility of individual parts of the body, but what led to the formation of Stalin as a political figure and to his sharp bitterness towards the surrounding reality.

Did the behavior of the despot father Beso embittered the leader, at whom he once threw a knife, but did not hit, protected his mother Keke, who like his son. father constantly beaten in a drunken state? Stalin’s father was still killed with a knife in a drunken brawl, and from the age of 11, Soso, the only one of the three children left alive, became an orphan.

He then got the pseudonym Koba after the Persian king who founded Tbilisi as the capital of Georgia and ruled half the world, and joined the terrorist organization Mesami Dasi (third case). He and his partner, the future well-known specialist on Kamo’s ex, Ter-Petrosyan, cobbled together the robberies of the financial staff like seeds. Their most high-profile case was the “ex” in 1907, thanks to which the party coffers were filled overnight with a huge sum, which made it possible to hold two party conferences at the same time. Many prisons, most of which he escaped, allowed Stalin to form his personal circle: Kamenev, Sverdlov, Alliluyev, Tskheidze and others.

An accident or a coincidence, but soon after that the nameless activist from the Transcaucasian RSDLP was included in the Central Committee of the party and incredibly close to the leader – Lenin. And this man began to define the national question. At the age of 22, he was commissioned in the publication “Enlightenment” to write the first work on the national question, and after a 2-year stay abroad, where the hero hid from the next “ex”, he begins to work on the work “Marxism and the National Question”, after which Stalin took a scientific line. From now on, he is destined for the role of chief deputy in the national issue, for the rest of his life.

But how he went from deputy in the national issue “to the kings” and became “the main skeet” – this, as the well-known TV presenter says, “is a completely different story.” I have not yet found any logical explanation for this fact.

About Basques and Russians.  The tools of metaphysics in the service of the state
Statue copy of the original monument to I. Kant by Christian Daniel Rauch, lost in 1945. This philosopher wrote the Metaphysics of Morals; he was born and rested in present-day Kaliningrad (then – Königsberg)

Metaphysics is a word first coined by Plato. It means such logical and logical-philosophical constructions and conclusions, which are not based on what can be tasted with a tooth or tasted with the eyes, but what is in nature due to which a person can formulate and recognize as reality.

The tools of metaphysics can help the state only if it is receptive—can perceive the rational and make it real, as Hegel said. If we call a spade a spade, the opposite happens: the real still exists, but does not become rational.

To return to the subject of the cerebral hemispheres, I will say something that will surprise many. In Russians, the right hemisphere of the brain is more developed than the left, the creative abilities of this people are developed like no other. The American psychologist Marilyn Murray not only testified to this, but also called Russia a “right-brain culture”.

Nevertheless, the state, which is the heir to Stalin’s national policy, is doing everything in our country to ensure that the filter, which consists of bureaucracy, does not allow creative and providential ideas and actions born in the minds of creative people to work for the benefit of the state. It turns out that science, society and economics exist on their own, and a certain Divan exists on its own, as if it were on a magic carpet and flying independently in the air.

Sometimes a terrible thought comes to me – why not ask Roskosmos or NASA to make a flying carpet, equip it in the best way and launch it into outer space? Then the tools of metaphysics will not only work, but will give a visible result.

If the Bahamas (as well as Bermuda) for climatic, religious, geographical reasons do not suit our Divan, then it can be provided with the Aleutians or equipped with the latest carpet flying technology from the fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights” ” (science will give all the most amazing the images in reality) and create fashionable conditions anywhere outside the country.On this depends the fate of the multimillion-strong multinational population and the freedom of most of the world’s population from the encroachment of poisonous cobras.

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