The Victor Blanco telescope in Chile has discovered the largest asteroid whose orbit intersects with Earth

An international team of space explorers has identified the largest asteroid, which could carry with it the threat of a collision with Earth in the short term

Outer space is filled with different types of bodies moving in their orbits. At the same time, most of these space objects pass by our planet, so Earthlings may not even be aware of their existence. But there are also bodies capable of carrying a real threat. One of these asteroids has just been identified, and its trajectory poses a potential hazard.


According to experts, the newly discovered asteroid has a diameter of 1.5 kilometers, which, of course, is not of great importance and size for outer space. But in the context of a planet, this is a very serious threat, because a collision with such a body could lead our planet to a nuclear winter. In other words, humanity may simply perish.

According to experts, the space body, which was named 2022 AP7, under the influence of the gravity of the planets and stars, has slightly changed its flight path, and now our planet has appeared in its orbit, with which it has every possibility of colliding. Admittedly, astronomers assure that these risks are not great, but they are there, by the way. Especially considering that 2022 AP7 is the largest impact-threatened cosmic body identified in the last eight years.

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