They clean up outer space and create microchips: what Omsk Polytechnic University managed to do in 2021 | NHS55

During the year of science and technology, Omsk State Technical University expanded international cooperation, entered the global ranking of world universities, participated in significant events in the country and signed agreements with large organizations. However, the most important thing can be called the victory of the Polytechnic University in the program of strategic academic leadership “Priority 2030” and the receipt of the basic and special parts of the grant in the track “Territorial and sectoral leadership”. A total of 28 universities from all over Russia received funding in this area.

From 2016 to 2020, OmSTU, after merging with Omsk University of Design and Technology, was a flagship university. Then creative fields of education appeared: design, biotechnology, tourism, hospitality, service, design of light industrial products, which are currently gaining more and more popularity and are not behind technical and engineering professions.

In its development strategy until 2030, the university focused on the implementation of three strategic projects in the field of microelectronics, space technology and creative industries. Already today, the first results have been achieved: the instrumental base of laboratories and resource centers has been partially updated, major events have been held, new educational programs are being prepared, and the first achievements of researchers are being implemented.

Omsk Polytechnic University has started working together with federal industrial partners and state enterprises. For example, in cooperation with Roskosmos, a project is underway to clean up space and create engines for small spacecraft. The researchers also produced the first samples of recyclable containers for transporting fuel and lubricants to the Arctic regions and microchips for implementing Internet of Things technology. These developments were presented at the annual exhibition Vuzpromexpo-2021 in Sochi.

Another growth point for the university is the development of the creative direction. Within the framework of the forum of young leaders “Russia – the Central Asian region”, an international student program dedicated to urbanism and youth involvement in the development of the urban environment was held at the site of OmSTU.

In the coming decade, OmSTU plans to become a world-class university integrated into the scientific and educational markets of Russia, Central and Southeast Asia. The implementation of strategic projects will expand production in the region, create new jobs, increase the gross national product and improve the population’s standard of living and economic activity.

In 2022, the university celebrates its 80th anniversary. The university has set global goals for the future, the first steps towards achieving them have already been taken today.

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