“Towards the Stars”: Cosmonautics Day was celebrated in a center for orphans

April is the most “space” month on the calendar: on April 12, 1961, Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin became the first person to conquer outer space, and since then, Cosmonautics Day has been celebrated around the world on this date. In centers for orphans, the holidays never go unnoticed, as this is a great opportunity to introduce children not only to the fascinating world of stars and planets, but also to the glorious pages of Russian history. We tell how we spent Cosmonautics Day in the capital’s centers to promote family education.

Students at the Center for the Promotion of Family Education “Sputnik” treat the date of April 12 with special trepidation: after all, the “cosmic” name compels the center. Guys usually spend a vacation exploring space, and this year was no exception.

“We participated in the all-Russian campaign organized by the Commonwealth of Orphanage graduates” Children across the country. “The boys watched a video tour of the halls of the Moscow Planetarium, prepared their own model of the solar system and tried to edit the film. says teacher-organizer Valentina Luzina.

The video tutorial in the planetarium made a very strong impression on the children. They saw how tellurium, a device that shows a model of the solar system, works. They also learned what a Foucault pendulum is, and saw with their own eyes how clouds behave.

“It turns out that the earth rotates counterclockwise. And I also learned that in July it is colder at the South Pole than in December, and the earth’s axis always looks towards the North Star,” – a student at the center shares new knowledge Dasha.

Impressed by the guides’ stories, the boys decided to immerse themselves in the study of the subject of space and connect their imagination. The younger students, led by social educators, constructed a model of the solar system from improvised means, and the older ones made a film about the origin of our planet.

week with the stars

The Mayak Family Education Assistance Center devoted an entire week to Cosmonautics Day, filled with a variety of events. The theme week dedicated to Cosmonautics Day is always a bright and emotional event in children’s lives. They are aware of their commitment to the planet, imbued with a sense of pride and respect for their country and its heroes, as Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev discover new knowledge“, – says the teacher for the Mayak Center Olga Zudilova.

On the eve of April 12, interactive classes, master classes, literary classes for children were organized, united by the themes “The Mystery of the Starry Worlds”, “Space Through My Eyes” and “Space Fashion”. And the theme week ended with a competition and an exhibition of creative works.

What does it cost us to build a rocket?

At the Skolkovskiy Family Education Assistance Center, teachers and educators successfully use the subject of space in their daily developmental activities, and gradually introduce children to the fascinating world beyond our planet.

In the speech development classes, we talked about space transport and space food, consolidated knowledge through games, watched cartoons, read stories and poems. In the art classes, the children made a rocket themselves at the same time as they became acquainted with different ways of drawing, sculpting and applying. The main result of the work was a one and a half meter model of the rocket, which we completed just in time for Cosmonautics Day. ”says the educator Evelina Laktionova.

The culmination of the festive program was a trip to the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at VDNKhan exciting and informative journey into the world of space, and the event “Meet the Stars”. A rich entertainment and education program was prepared for children..

The children saw the presentation “Cosmonautics Day”, participated in the round dance “We are the children of the Galaxy”, a relay race consisting of the tasks “Whose crew will be built up faster”, “Build a spaceship”, “Flight”. in weightlessness ”. In the end, a master class on drawing in the technique of scraping “Flight into space” took place.

“The event was held in one breath, the children were delighted. This format unites students, gives them shared impressions, experiences and new emotions.– says the teacher-organizer Oksana Mogilchenko.

space guest

The teachers in “Centralen” had a difficult task – to tell about such a complex subject as space, for very young students. “How to get the child interested and, most importantly, understand this topic? We understand that a child best remembers information through a game, so our Cosmonautics Day program was built on such events.“, says the senior teacher Maria Emelianenko.

Games and competitions were held for the children, together with the teachers the children read thematic quatrains, and at the end of the day a small holiday was arranged where a special guest came – an alien who arrived on earth on his bizarre spaceship. Both the aircraft and the uniform, which the guest let the children try on, were invented by the educators and made themselves by improvised means.

The whole “flight” was held in an exciting entertaining and game form. The children felt like adults and brave conquerors of the universe, they got their first ideas about the cosmos and became convinced again about how important friendship is in life – even on earth, even outside its borders.“, says the educator. Olga Egorova.

On a note

You can learn more about life in the capital’s centers for the promotion of family education on the My New Family portal. Useful information for themselves will be found there by future and established adoptive parents, graduates from CSSV and foster families, as well as anyone interested in the subject of helping children left without parental care.


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