UEC on Cosmonautics Day held a live broadcast from the rocket engine business

On Cosmonautics Day, specialists from UEC-Kuznetsov, the Samara company in Rostec United Engine Corporation, conducted an online lesson for school children. In the air, the designer, technologist and fitter of rocket engines talked about the profession as an engine builder, showed unique videos of the production. The shipment was made directly from the assembly workshop for rocket engines.

140 schools in the Samara region were involved in the online event. Students learned about the virtual environment for 3D modeling, modern applications used by the company’s designers and technologists to create digital models of engines and design technical processes. Design engineer Dmitry Bratchinin and technologist Pavel Barinov talked about the most difficult product to manufacture – a rocket engine, without resorting to professional terms, with fascinating examples and comparisons. Rocket engine fitter Valentin Sulyanov spoke about the process of assembling engines and the high demands placed on a specialist who performs the final assembly of units and preliminary checks of their tightness.

“Engine building is a backbone industry. It is the engine that enables rockets to ascend into outer space, aircraft to fly and ships to sail at sea. An engine for school children is a complex unit that works in an incomprehensible way and gives movement to Therefore, it is interesting to dive into the principles of the engine, to understand the processes of creation and operation.

The aircraft engine industry is on the rise today. UEC-Kuznetsov not only increases production volumes, but also provides orders for the coming years, creates new engines, introduces new technology, new materials, new designs and calculation methods. To understand these trends, the need for scientific, engineering and working staff, which is also growing, we do a lot of educational work among school children, tell how our products are organized, how engine builders work, why this industry is extremely interesting and promising. UEC-Kuznetsov increases registration for targeted programs at universities and colleges “, says Alexei Sobolev, Head of PJSC UEC-Kuznetsov.

For the first time this year, Viktor Salikov, a student of Wings of Rostec’s targeted training program, spoke at an online lesson. In a speech to students at Samara schools, he noted that every student interested in math and physics has the opportunity to become part of the federal project, subject to good academic performance and successfully approved by the Unified State Examination. Viktor, like his fellow students, has personal mentors at the company – experienced designers from UEC-Kuznetsov. All students in the education project are employed by the company. Victor Salikov – as a design engineer. Within the framework of the project, young people already master the working professions and continue their professional development.

In 2022, UEC-Kuznetsov and Samara University named after SP Korolev extended the registration of students for education under the Wings of Rostec training program for new generation of engineers. 40 people will learn the profession as an aircraft and rocket engine designer – twice as many as last year. For good academic performance, students will be able to receive motivational payments up to 35 thousand rubles. Also this year, a pilot group of engineering students will be recruited at Samara Technical University. Applications from applicants will be accepted until 26 July.

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