ufologist called a new date for the end of the world

Almost every year, the internet space is filled with information that the perhaps ninth planet actually exists in the solar system. And its name is Nibiru, or Planet X. According to conspiracy theories, it is a harbinger of the end of the world. “Vechernyaya Moscow” found out from experts if this mysterious planet really exists and if its appearance really warns humanity of the danger.

As ufologist and expert on anomalous phenomena Alexei Komanev told the World Cup, according to various sources, the Earth may collide with the planet Nibiru on September 19, 2022. Unverified sources report that alleged ufologists and conspiracy theorists already observe gaps between the clouds, which may indicate that a mysterious planet has entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

– According to a small group of scientists, Nibiru may meet the earth in the near future, which will lead to a global catastrophe and apocalypse. In general, very little is known about this cosmic body. The Internet is full of all sorts of theories and assumptions.

According to Komanev, according to information available in open sources, Nibiru is a fairly large planet, comparable in size to Mercury. At the same time, the earth is much larger than it:

– It is believed that Nibiru lies on the dark side of the sun and is a kind of antipod to the earth. We do not see this planet, because light separates us from it. All other information about Nibiru is very different. There is an assumption that this cosmic body is inhabited by some strange creatures that can both benefit humanity and destroy it.

There were no serious astronomical observations, photographic evidence or bypasses of this planet by Russian or foreign spacecraft, the expert noted.

Komanev said that the theory of Planet X’s collision with Earth does not stand up to criticism, because even though the ninth planet exists, it does not cross the Earth’s orbit and is probably at a distance of hundreds of astronomical units from the Sun, completely excluding the meeting of planets.

“In addition, I have not yet seen a single confirmation of the existence of this planet. Neither Roskosmos nor the divisions of NORAD – the North American flight system that monitors outer space – have ever registered Nibiru. Therefore, it is not yet possible to confirm or refute the existence of this cosmic body, concluded the ufologist.

In turn, the esoteric and hereditary witch Anna Korshun told in an interview with “VM” that the “space walker” Nibiru has been known since the time of the Sumerians. References to Planet X are also found in Egyptian manuscripts. The ancient Greeks called her Nemesis. The planet personified the goddess of revenge.

– From the point of view of magic, the planet is directly connected to the subtle world. She has a powerful energy that radiates both light and dark currents. They can be used both for good and for dark rituals. It all depends on the master and his direction, – says the witch.

The speaker of the “World Cup” noted that many practicing esotericists are convinced that Nibiru is inhabited by highly spiritual beings who have managed to solve the mystery of eternal life. The planet is ruled by the spiritual leader Marduk. All living souls on Nibiru, according to the esoterician, try to help the earth and its inhabitants to get out of the darkness into which they have drifted:

– In my practice, I work through the world of the dead and do not turn to the astral beings who inhabit this planet. But there are wizards who inflict curses or damage, or vice versa, heal a person and take the help of units that live on a wandering planet.

Korshun noted that, according to ancient beliefs, the inhabitants of Nibiru try to hide their existence from the earth as much as possible in order to save lives on their planet.

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