Ukraine and Kenya discussed possible cooperation in the space industry (photo)

Ukraine is ready to use outer space for peaceful purposes with Kenyan companies.

Representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine discussed with the delegation from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs the prospects for cooperation between the two countries in the space industry. This was reported by the department’s press service.

Deputy Head of the State Space Agency Volodymyr Mikheev noted during the talks that the Ukrainian space sector is open to cooperation.

According to him, Ukraine can explore and use outer space for peaceful purposes with the Kenyan side, and will in every way help to coordinate contacts between companies interested in cooperation.

“Representatives of both sides acknowledged the need for cooperation in the field of space and expressed their hope to be able to identify promising mutually beneficial joint projects during the planned online meeting of the Joint Working Group,” the State Space Agency said in a statement.

Note that the development of Kenya’s space program began in the spring of 2012. The African country is favorable to “space states” because of its location – access to the Indian Ocean and equatorial latitude allow you to effectively put satellites into orbit.

Kenya, in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, was able to create the first 1KUNS-PF nanosatellite. The successful launch of the Kenyan satellite took place on May 11, 2018.

To Kenya’s achievements in the space industry can be added the participation of Kenyan scientists in the launch of the San Marco Malindi satellite and the launch from Kenyan territory in 1970 of the Uhuru satellite, designed for X-ray astronomy. The mission ended in 1973, when the Uhuru satellite conducted the first comprehensive survey of the entire sky for X-ray sources.

Earlier Focus reported on the signing by State Cosmos of a memorandum on the launch of rockets from a cosmodrome in Australia. The first launches are scheduled for 2023-2024, during which Zenit Australia’s launch vehicles will help put state and commercial spacecraft into orbit.

Also Focus said Ukrainian businessman Maxim Polyakov’s rocket exploded during the escape. The first failed launch took place on 3 September. In the third minute of the flight, an Alpha rocket, 29 meters high, exploded high in the California sky.


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