Ural researchers have found a new way to manufacture environmental goods

Young researchers from South Ural State University have proposed a unique method for the production of biodegradable tableware, which has no analogues in Russia. The technology involves the manufacture of products from a mixture of components in a mold under heating and under pressure. Formed eco-ware can be used in cafes, restaurants, fast food places, food delivery and catering. The developers have already received a Eurasian patent for their invention.

“The relevance of this work lies in the development of a technology for unique eco-products that can decompose under natural conditions in a short time (up to 28 days) with the participation of metabolites of compost microorganisms and form natural biomass,” said one of the co-authors of the project, SUSU doctoral student Artem Malinin.

The use of alternative biodegradable eco-materials reduces the environmental impact of disposable plastics, which has tripled since the pandemic began.

Samples of cast biodegradable eco-tableware for single use

Samples of cast biodegradable eco-tableware for single use

During the development of the formulation of the biopolymer component in the laboratory “Synthesis and analysis of food ingredients” long experiments were performed. The biopolymer component for cast biodegradable tableware was made from organic plant materials, and the composite suspensions were treated with ultrasound, which set the desired exposure parameters, says the university’s website. During the course of the study, the optimal parameters for carrying out technical processes were determined and a test batch of products was produced.

The technology for the production of cast biodegradable environmentally friendly tableware includes three steps: preparation (preparation of raw materials and equipment), an intermediate step (placement of a dry mixture inside a mold), the last step (molding under pressure, taking into account the required temperature) is performed when the pressure is reduced to atmospheric pressure and the molded product. and Professor at the Department of Food and Biotechnology.

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