VDNKh invites you to excursions, lectures, Saturday coffee and children’s quiz

From August 30 to September 4, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center and Slovo Museum of Slavic Literature at VDNKh will host thematic tours, educational lectures, a children’s quiz and Saturday coffee at Cosmos. Guests will learn about designers of space technology and scientists, how being in orbit affects the organism of animals, about the emergence of medieval cities. Participation in all activities is free, with advance registration.

August 30 at 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m and 17:00 at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at VDNKh will host thematic excursions “Humans and space”, timed to coincide with the date of establishment of the Center for the Operation of Ground-based Space Infrastructure Objects (March 28, 1994). In the exhibition of the center you can see models of launch vehicles, ships and satellites, automatic interplanetary stations, each of which in different years was a real breakthrough in the history of practical astronautics. But who worked to turn these bold ideas into reality, who ensured the first successes of the Soviet space program? On excursions, guests learn about the amazing people who have done everything to make space travel possible. Registration is required.

September 1 at 4:00 p.m there will be a sightseeing tour for visitors with limited mobility. Guests will learn the history of Russian cosmonautics – from the very first steps to the present, they will see authentic samples and models of space technology in full size. The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center is equipped with special elevators, which makes the tour not only interesting, but also comfortable for all visitors. Participation by registration.

September 2 at 4:00 p.m the same location will host a sightseeing tour for hearing-impaired visitors. The story of the most important milestones in the history of Russian cosmonautics will be accompanied by sign language translation. By pre-registration.

September 3 at 12:00 will be held in the center’s lecture hall Saturday coffee at Cosmos on the subject “The Influence of Space on the Organism of Animals.” The host is Irina Ogneva, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Cell Biophysics Laboratory at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She will tell you what happens to the locomotor system, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system in Earth’s orbit, how the research results are used in Earth medicine, how weightlessness affects the human locomotor system and its regulation, which achievements of space medicine are used in Earth-bound medicine. To participate, you need to register via the link.

September 4 at 12:00 will take place children’s quiz with Denis Prudnik. The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center invites children aged 8 to 12 to test their knowledge, test their ability to think logically and just have fun with friends or make new acquaintances. The quiz consists of several rounds, the guests will get to answer questions about space topics. It is forbidden to use the Internet and mobile phones. Parents can be present, but not promptly. All participants gather in a lecture hall and are divided into several teams, each of which can have from one to six people. The length of the game is 60-90 minutes. The winning team receives prizes from VDNKh. It is necessary to register both the child and yourself for the event.

September 4 at 3:00 p.m The Slovo Museum of Slavic Literature will host a lecture on The Third Rome and its Surroundings: Legends of the Origin of Medieval Cities and Traditions of the Borders of the World. The lecturer is the founder of the Zelo center for the study of ancient Russian culture, curator of ancient Russian manuscripts of the Russian National Library, teacher of the Church Slavic language, author of the course “Visual codes in ancient monuments of Russian Literature”, guest lecturer of Arzama’s educational project, the translator Nikolai Butskikh. Participants will find out where the center of the world is, why Moscow is the third Rome, how the appearance of Russia is connected with crocodiles, what was known in ancient Russian literature about the foundation of Troy and ancient history, how do the inhabitants of Skiljer se India from the inhabitants of the Tatar lands?Notice on the website.

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