Visually impaired sound engineer from Perm creates audio commentary for films

It has never been so good to be blind as it is now“, – admits Alexey Viktorovthe hero of the #limitless_opportunities2022 project.

It sounds very strange, but it is true. After all, thanks to modern technology, a blind person can be included in the communication environment – communicate in instant messages and social networks, move around the city independently, go shopping and even watch movies. Yes Yes! Watch a movie.

Of course, this cannot be called “display” in the true sense of the word. It is more like an audio performance, where what is happening on the screen is commented on in detail. Audio commentary is an additional soundtrack that helps visually impaired people understand how the characters in the film look, what they do in the frame, what emotions they experience. Thanks to this, it becomes much easier to perceive what is happening on the screen and watching a movie is noticeably more pleasant.

Unfortunately, there are still very few films with audio commentary, as their creation takes a lot of time and requires large budgets. But we Permians are lucky. We have Alexey Viktorov. Born with poor eyesight, he intuitively understands exactly what information needs to be conveyed to a visually impaired viewer. And his passion for editing and audio processing software allows him to create soundtracks for the blind. Thanks to his work, the visually impaired of Perm now gather in the library every two weeks to watch a new film. Isn’t this a miracle?

But our hero believes that his most important work is to teach people with vision problems how to work on a computer and use modern smartphones: “Very often, in public organizations for the disabled, in boarding schools, the ideology that one must be happy, active, positive and creative is implanted. It’s all about creating different circles, songs and dances. But I think that first of all, it is important to learn self-service, because without it, you will not get further.“.

It is precisely this – independence, mobility, the ability to navigate and perform daily household chores – that Alexey Viktorov teaches everyone at the courses organized by the Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired “Camerata”.

Thanks to mobility courses, children and adults with visual impairments use special programs to learn to move around the city independently, recognize text, determine the value of banknotes, surf the Internet and communicate in social networks. That is, in fact, they open this life anew.

Cheerful, open and purposeful, Aleksey Viktorov is ready to help anyone who needs it. He, like no one else, understands how important it is for people with disabilities to be able to find their place in this world.

If you don’t take the first step, nothing will work. Therefore, I wish that all people who find themselves in such a situation use their knowledge, learn something, be interested in something that can help to realize themselves.“, Alexey smiles.

And really. To become a worthy person, it is not necessary to be a Nobel laureate or to surf in outer space. It is enough to find your favorite thing and do it, put your soul into it. Then everything will definitely work out. And a good example of this is Alexey Viktorov.

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