Voyager spacecraft could lead humanity to immortality: how exactly

The key to the immortality of our civilization is stored in the entities themselves, which have already entered interstellar space.

The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft are currently the most distant man-made objects from Earth. According to scientists, they are somewhere in interstellar space at a distance of about 24 billion km from our planet. Each of these devices carries with it into space a piece of human civilization – golden records of information about people and the Earth. James Edward Huchingson from Florida International University, USA, explains in his article for The Conversation how these spacecraft can perpetuate our civilization.

“The golden information plaques that fly through space aboard the Voyagers contain basic data about humanity, sounds, images, music and even a greeting to representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence from US President Jimmy Carter in 1977, when these devices were sent into space” Hutchingson says.

These gold plates were designed to survive in their original form for 1 billion years in space. But a new analysis has shown that even with all the dangers of space travel, these records could exist with vehicles for 1 trillion years.

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Golden disc with compositions and sounds from the earth

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“This incredible longevity of the Voyager spacecraft represents a unique opportunity to explore the ideas of immortality. For some people, immortality is the eternal existence of the soul after death. It can also mean preserving the memory of a person and their legacy. Each Voyager that carries a piece of humanity can be considered such a technological means of preserving memory and immortality for our civilization, but only if they are discovered by an alien civilization,” says Huchingson.

Many religions say that the human soul becomes immortal after death. But immortality is not limited to the individual. It can also be collective. That is, for all of humanity, the scientist believes.

Voyager gold record

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Case with explanations for an extraterrestrial civilization

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At the same time, the idea of ​​an immortal soul is not suitable for non-religious people. For such people, immortality could mean that their body is frozen with possible resurrection in the future, or that their consciousness is uploaded into a computer, which may also become possible.

What information is stored on the Voyager gold discs can be seen in this video

“People, whether they believe in God or not, want to be remembered, that is, the memory of them will be immortality. Since the Voyagers will fly for 1 trillion years, they are as immortal as is possible for human artifacts.” Hutchingson says.

Our sun, according to scientists, will go out in 5 billion years, which means that all life on Earth will disappear. But in the distant future, two spacecraft will still be flying in space, waiting to meet the alien civilization for which the messages on the golden plates were intended. Unless the encounter with extraterrestrials occurs earlier, these records will remain the only memory of Earth and humanity, which means they will make our civilization immortal to some extent, the scientist concludes.

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