War in Ukraine 2022 – Levin explained why Putin stepped up nuclear blackmail

During a speech to the Russians on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was prepared to use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine. This threat is pure hoax, as well as a reaction to the disastrous situation for Russia in Ukraine.

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Raising the stakes by announcing a partial mobilization and shaking Putin with a “nuclear baton” was prompted by humiliation from the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries, who suggested that the Kremlin dictator’s star was already falling. This was stated by an officer of the Israel Defense Forces, military analyst Yigal Levin in an interview with Natasha Vlashchenko.

Levin is convinced that when Putin declared his readiness to use nuclear weapons, he was blatantly bluffing.

“Undoubtedly, this is a hoax. Also, when he said about a nuclear attack, he said: we are not hoaxing. If you are not hoaxing, why do you say you are not hoaxing? Such an absurdity. And before that hoaxed, right?” emphasized the analyst.

According to Levin, Putin was motivated to raise prices by the humiliation experienced at the SCO summit, in particular by the thinly veiled disdain of “Chinese partners”.

“There is a version that when he met with his Chinese partners in the SCO, he received a hint: your star is setting, and if you do not do something now, we will kick you out of this club. Why does Shanghai need Russia, whose global economy is 1% or 1.5% if it is nothing and cannot cope with “some kind of Ukraine”? In the eyes of China, for example, which throughout Africa and everywhere reveals its Confucius Center networks, ” soft pressure “is everywhere, cultural hegemony, ambitions, space, Mars, its own space station and so on,” Levin said.

Cooperation with weak Russia, the expert believes, is burdensome for China.

“China is thinking about conquering outer space on its own. And then a partner cannot strike at any “own” countries and territories within the borders of its former empire, cannot do anything. Therefore, we see a coincidence. In the SCO, where Putin did not shake hands and everyone laughed at him, showed signs of disrespect. And so we see this push, “said Levin.

Both talk of a “nuclear strike” and the announcement of mobilization are evidence of Russia’s catastrophic failure in Ukraine, and these panicked attempts to salvage the situation are unlikely to produce the results the Kremlin is hoping for.

“They understand that they are backed to the wall, that everything is going as bad as possible in Ukraine and there are no trump cards left except mobilization. Now let’s see how they implement it. I highly doubt that they will succeed”, – emphasized the military expert.

Recall that on September 21, Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. For service, as specified in the Russian Federation, it is planned to call up about 300,000 reserve soldiers. At the same time, Russian officials gave themselves, deputies at various levels, the opportunity to avoid mobilization and also promised reservations to defense industry workers – while they work at enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

At the same time, the Kremlin preferred to hide one of the points of the decree on partial mobilization. Officially, the “secrecy” was explained by the said paragraph indicating the number of people planned to be mobilized.

According to media reports, in that paragraph we can talk about the mobilization of 1 million, not 300 thousand people.

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