What will the future of space combat look like?

Fantasy becomes reality. Yesterday the war in space was an invention, and today Western satellites work for the Ukrainian army. Russia, on the other hand, is interfering with these satellites and is ready to shoot them down. What to do here next?

Recently watched the first episode of real star wars. How? Didn’t you notice? Did you expect the boundless universe to be criss-crossed by multi-deck spaceships firing megaton blasters at each other?

Everything turned out to be easier, and the Ukrainian military became the first victims of the space war, and on this occasion official Kyiv sounded all the propaganda bells.

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), when they tried to attack, communication began to be “cut down” more and more often. Loss of communication is a loss of control in battle, which began to lead to catastrophic losses of personnel and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From the initial “perelyaku”, the Zelensky regime declared the American businessman and innovator Elon Musk to be the culprit of “zrada”. In fact, high-speed satellite Internet for rapid reception and transmission of information to the Ukrainian military is provided by the “civilian” Starlink global communications system. More than 3,000 spacecraft work for consumers in four dozen countries, including Ukraine. But on the “square”, 90 percent of Starlink traffic goes to the needs of the military, and the number of terminals has grown from July to November 2022 from 4,000 to 25,000. That is, each “Mykola platoon” receives on the tablet all the necessary information for real-time combat.

And suddenly, at the most critical moments, the connection with the Ukrainian military began to disappear. In Kyiv, they turned on Elon Musk, called him names in every possible way and even added “Peacemaker” to the enemy’s base, but it suddenly turned out that the American businessman had nothing to do with it. It turned out that the Russians were once again to blame for everything.

And silence. In the information field, the subject was “cut off”, as if nothing had happened. In Russia they are silent, because it is a secret. In the West, because they don’t know how to deal with the problem. A number of military experts believe that the newest Russian Tirada-2S electronic jamming stations (REPS) began shutting down the terminals of the Starlink global satellite system used by Ukraine’s armed forces.

If there are many such in our troops, the armed forces of Ukraine will be “blinded” and “deaf” along the entire front line. The question is the ability of the Russian defense industry to produce high-tech REPS systems in large quantities.

Today, outer space has become a sphere where the main means of command and control of troops and weapons, reconnaissance, communication and navigation are concentrated. The special operation in Ukraine demonstrates this to the full: ground battles for each Malinovka are under the watchful eye of orbital groups. Russian military satellites provide information to our troops, NATO spacecraft (SC), mainly American, work in the armed forces of Ukraine. It must be admitted that everything went to this from the first steps of human space exploration, and all the initial space programs were exclusively military – both in the USSR and in the USA. Therefore, the Earth’s first artificial satellite was launched by Soviet military personnel, and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin wore a shoulder strap of a senior lieutenant, and his space NAZ (portable autonomous stock) included a Makarov pistol. It was the first weapon in space. Then the two space powers – the Soviet Union and the United States – for a long time concluded treaties that prohibited the withdrawal of weapons from the Earth’s atmosphere. He held back the fear: a nuclear warhead flying vertically from orbit cannot be stopped. Now the situation has started to change. We continue to stand our ground: we oppose the militarization of outer space. The US began to “fluctuate”.

On November 2, 2022, the First Committee of the UN General Assembly approved the draft resolution submitted by Russia “Non-First Deployment of Weapons in Space”. The document emphasizes the need for “study and adoption of practical measures in the development of agreements to prevent an arms race in outer space.” The project will now be considered by the UN General Assembly in December. The Russian initiative was supported by 123 delegations, four abstained from voting, 50 were against. Guess from once who is the leader of the “refuseniks”?

On December 21, 2019, the US Space Force was created. Their annual budget is $13 billion. Why this huge amount of money is allocated is not hidden, the goal is to ensure America’s military superiority in near-Earth orbits. The United States has long been involved in the development of space systems for military purposes. At the same time, in the best traditions of the “empire of kindness”, they constantly move the arrows to others.

However, this is the case when we are not offended by our state. Let them slander themselves, but at the same time be afraid.

“Russia and China have multiple laser systems of varying power levels to destroy, damage from Earth, or disrupt our ability to operate satellites,” recently lamented Maj. Gen. John Raymond, commander of the US space forces.

Yes, Russia has been against the space arms race for many years. But the old rule remains true: if you want peace, prepare for war. Today, we have everything we need to prevent threats from orbit. Which of our military spacecraft are flying in orbit is a secret. However, it is known that our space forces can provide an asymmetric and effective response to any space weapon from Earth. Open sources reported on the development of ammunition for the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system and the latest S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system capable of shooting down alien satellites.

Perhaps the equipment of foreign military spacecraft can blind our unique Peresvet laser complex. It has already been adopted and is entering the Russian troops. Now, in real battles, the Tirada2S REPS complex has also been tested, which should be capable of both electronic jamming of satellite communications and complete disabling of enemy spacecraft equipment.

Then why don’t we destroy Western satellites (both military and civilian) that work for Ukraine’s armed forces today and provide them with intelligence? Because shooting down the spacecraft from another country is tantamount to declaring war on it. Do we want to start World War III? Definitely not. On purportedly non-military Starlink satellites, Russian troops (so, half-heartedly) demonstrated the technology to defeat enemy spacecraft. Judging by the silence of the West’s propaganda machine, successful. There, they apparently simply do not know how to respond to a new threat.

Photo: pexels/pixabay

What will happen in near space if the Third World War ceases to be a “horror” in the speech of propagandists, but begins in reality? The first volleys of the global war will sound silent: silence reigns in the vacuum of space.

The first objective of each of the warring parties will be the destruction of the enemy’s orbital grouping. Satellites provide ground troops with communication, navigation, without them it will not be possible to aim high-precision weapons. In addition to rocket, impulse and laser salvos from Earth, space fighters will likely be thrown to solve the combat mission of disabling alien spacecraft.

It’s like they don’t exist yet. But they are – with a high probability – in Russia, the USA and China. In March 2021, the commander of the US space forces, General John Raymond, compared one of the Russian spacecraft to a doll hiding, which no one knows what inside, and suggested that it was created specifically “to destroy American vehicles in orbit.” Predictably commented then the official representative of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, that in this way Washington is trying to justify its own plans to deploy weapons in space.

And she’s right. The Pentagon is actively developing and testing the latest strike weapons in orbit. Among them, the most promising (hence dangerous) experts call the reusable unmanned spacecraft X-37V, which can also be a “matryoshka doll” with weapons inside. It is not for nothing that all flights of this “shuttle” are classified in America until the “vacuum of space”.

World media claims that China is also launching killer satellites into space.

By the way, it is necessary to consider spacecraft as space fighters that are not equipped with weapons that can fly up to an enemy satellite and with a light push of a robotic arm (in a complete vacuum there is no need to make special efforts) to move it from orbit, send it on an eternal flight somewhere to alpha Centauri? Probably, the exact classification of military vehicles is found only in the general staffs of the leading world powers.

Will Russia miss the start of a real “Star Wars”?

Forewarned is prepared. Near Moscow, the antennas of the Space Control Center (CKKP) of the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces are in constant service. More than 60,000 measurements are processed daily by CCCP combat crews. A huge amount of information flows into the center from radio technology, laser-optical and optoelectronic means of the outer space control system (SKKP), located throughout Russia. All data is processed and entered into the main catalog of space objects.

Our military constantly monitors everything that flies around the Earth – from a potential enemy spy satellite to a bolt from a spent rocket stage. We don’t miss Star Wars. And we will not lose.


Viktor Sokirko, military expert, reserve major:

– Space is increasingly gaining status as a promising theater for military operations. In the near future, our likely adversaries will make maximum use of outer space to solve military engineering problems. But Russia is no worse than anyone in the military space field. We now have a symmetric or asymmetric response to any military threat from orbit.

It is most likely that EMP – electromagnetic radiation – in a critical case will become the main harmful factor to disable, suppress the radio-electronic systems of alien satellites. Our earthly “Tirade” was “heard” very well in the West.

If necessary, the EMP source can be immediately delivered to low Earth orbit. So, both Elon Musk’s dual-purpose satellites and the most potentially formidable American reusable spacecraft X-37B today can immediately become useless pieces of iron, space junk.


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:

– We believe that space should be free from all types of weapons that are placed in space near the Earth.


2,000 servicemen of the space forces of the Russian space forces take up combat missions daily for protection and defense against threats originating from near-Earth space.

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