“You and I”. SISTEMA GALLERY and Reloft ART Gallery present a personal exhibition of the artist Azam Atakhanov

SISTEMA GALLERY art space and Reloft ART gallery present a personal exhibition of the artist Azam Atakhanov, which opens on September 9 in two galleries at the same time. The curators of the project, Dasha Semyonova and Zhenya Melnikova, created a dialogue exhibition, where each gallery formulates a scenographic statement addressed to each other.

Azam Atakhamov. Grapes for the beloved. 2012. Oil on canvas, 120×90 cm

Azam Atakhamov. Garden at night. 2015. Oil on canvas, 65×80 cm

Azam Atakhamov. Vacation in the city. 2014. Oil on canvas, 70×90 cm

Azam Atakhamov. Maesta (polyptych). 2012. Oil on canvas, 180×535 cm

Azam Atakhamov. On the terrace. 2006. Oil on canvas, 110×170 cm

The exhibition of the exhibition “You and Me” is based on the artist’s appeal to the female image as a universal sign of beauty and creativity. In portraying the feminine, Azam Atakhanov seeks to expose the archetypal symbol of the universe and embody movement, the peace of creation and the all-encompassing outer space contained within the form.

In Azam’s painting, the nature of beauty and the divine is revealed in harmony, given by the unity of all things. The “I” and “You” in the exhibition’s title are those connected through dialogue and those who saw the world in the Other. The measured rhythms of the play of light and shadow sounds in the exhibition room, the rich colors of the canvases become a reflection of the fullness of life and create the impression of a continuous flow of an eternal cycle.

Azam Atakhanov was born in 1964 in the city of Dushanbe. Graduated from Republican Art College in Tajikistan and Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (formerly Stroganov). His works are in private collections and collections of the State Museum of Oriental Art, State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Fine Arts. Kamoliddin Bekhzod (Dushanbe), the North Caucasian branch of the State Museum of Oriental Arts (Maikop), the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Washington).

Source – online media site artmoskovia.ru.

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