Your Signature Horoscope for 2022: Get Ready for a Year of Progress

As we look to 2022, there are indications that we are entering a very important year. The past year was a transitional year when traditional ideas were challenged. We can now begin to incorporate the resulting changes into everyday life.

We start with Venus in retrograde, a cycle that comes about every 19 months and lasts about six weeks, ending on January 29. However, the influence of Venus retrograde will not wear off until early March, and because it is in Capricorn, it will affect relationships and finances, and make us check our values.

This means that you should pay special attention, and perhaps even more scrutiny, to your relationships with your romantic partners, loved ones, business partners, and friends. There will be tense moments, but the influence of Capricorn actually helps build long-lasting bonds. As for your money, be frugal and careful. Find ways to increase your savings. Pay off debts instead of adding them up.

The expansive power of Jupiter and the soulful energy of Neptune will approach each other for most of 2022 in the healing sign of Pisces. This will encourage creativity and any desired growth in the fields of art and music.

Mars performs its retrograde motion, which occurs once every two years, from October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023. It is the Hercules of the Solar System. His strength will swing through his rebound, and will not only fuel your passion and desire to pursue your ambitions – it will help give you the strength and stamina to do so.

Mercury, master of strategy, will perform its usual full retrograde cycles. Each one will last about three weeks:

  • January 14 to February 3
  • From May 10 to June 3
  • September 9 to October 2

Mark these days on your calendar. They are important dates because they allow you to push the reset button into your plans and strategies. Despite the connection issues and glitches in Mercury’s retrograde view, these are mainly positive times. It is essential that you maintain your sense of humor and have a gentle approach. However, if possible, try not to make any important final decisions or launch any initiatives until Mercury is back in direct motion.

It also tracks 13 new moons that begin each 29.5-day lunar month. These days, the waning moon dies and is reborn as a new moon. Life on Earth draws a deep breath inward. These are good days to light a candle and focus on your desires. Make it featured on your calendar:

  • January 2 in Capricorn
  • January 31 (PT, YT, MT, CT) / February 1 (ET, AT, NT) in Aquarius
  • March 2 in Pisces
  • March 31 (Pacific Time, YT) / April 1 (MT, CT, ET, AT, NT) in Aries
  • April 30th in Taurus
  • May 30th in Gemini
  • June 28 (PT, YT, MT, CT, ET, AT) / June 29 (NT) in cancer
  • July 28 in Leo
  • August 27 in Virgo
  • September 25th in Libra
  • October 25th in Scorpio
  • November 23 in Sagittarius
  • December 23 in Capricorn

This year, get involved in that important project you’ve been thinking about. Give him everything you have. The movement of the sky in 2022 will give you a beneficial boost. An outburst of optimism will fill your heart with hope.

Here is your horoscope for 2022:


The sky indicates that delicate and gentle operations are best to advance your cause. You are a very lucky person. You have the power to overcome any problem, move mountains, and reach success where others fail. There is a good reason why something may not work out the way you once hoped. There is a negative voice at large in your subconscious mind. You’ll soon understand her nefarious ways. Once this negative balance is shaken off, you will feel a tremendous sense of well-being and empowerment. Getting rid of this deterrent to success will be easier than expected.

the Bull

You look at your ability to perform a task or solve a problem and feel very optimistic about your prospects. Be careful because you may fall victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Try not to fix your mind on a far-fetched, complicated definition of what to do. You will only find that it is impossible to achieve, and by doing so, you risk overlooking the magic that surrounds you. You have known for some time how to solve a particular dilemma, but you have felt unable to trust your inner wisdom. This is the year when you will gain the strength to live your life according to your own rules and beliefs.


You don’t know that you already have the key ingredients for success. They offer a happy romantic life and some lucrative financial opportunities. These may not amount to fantasy romance or endless wealth, but they definitely suggest a way out of trouble. You are on a mission to achieve great things. Start by celebrating what’s going well. You will find inspiration to achieve the miracle. Explore specific ideas to boost your confidence — some of which are likely to be feasible and practical. A special dream will come true.


No matter what bothers you, there will soon be a way to rise above it. The planets indicate that you will move on to better and brighter things. As you do this, it may turn out that by leaving an old problem behind you are creating space for a new problem. But this will not be an insurmountable obstacle. You simply have to follow your inner radar and invoke your abundant wisdom. This will result in a very welcome breakthrough. With a little adjustment and reorganization, you will find yourself on a fast track to success. Somehow you will be able to get everything you need most, just when you need it most.


Prepare to be given the keys to freedom and then discover, once you hold it in your hand, that you really don’t mind using it or not. This, of course, is true freedom. Anyone can venture into the wild blue zone there, telling themselves that they are heading toward a bright new horizon while all they are doing is escaping. However, it takes courage for a person to stay somewhere and commit to something, especially when that person has a real choice not to. Upcoming events will lift your spirits, boost your confidence, and leave you with a special feeling that life is taking you where your heart wants it to be.


There is always something to regret. There is always something to look forward to. There is always a reason why change feels short or difficult to make. There is always something unfair. However, there is also always a choice. We do not have to dwell on our difficulties, shortcomings, and privations. We can decide, instead, to move positively toward a brighter future and welcome into our world all that is constructive, inspiring, healthy, and true. Try not to take anything too seriously. Keep an even keel. Make a brave decision this week and you will quickly kick an old bad habit.


A long and arduous journey is coming to an end. Soon, in this wonderful coming year, you will be able to take some roots and settle into some healthy routines that will finally bring happiness and joy to your heart. The funny thing is that you developed an aversion to routine. You are more at home with the idea of ​​instability than you are with the idea of ​​normalcy. But after a shaky and hesitant start to the process, you’ll settle to a new, stable rhythm. Focus your attention on the thoughts and ideas that lift your heart. You will understand that you need discipline and routine if you want to get where you want to go.

the Scorpion

Leave him alone. You cannot repair, alter, or repair it or do anything of a constructive nature with it whatsoever. You are too close to the most frustrating situation to know the best way to deal with it. Yes, you want to try every trick in the book, but even if you go out and get a new book and try every trick at it, you’ll still be in the same situation. Progress is happening, although it may not be moving as fast as you would like. The best way to move forward in this new year involves letting go of whatever you feel you are so determined to hold on to. Once you let go, everything will start to get sweeter. The cosmic picture indicates that there is an imminent golden opportunity.


Now you tend to break personal law or bend a rule, just because you desperately want something to happen. When you think about what you want, remember that we don’t always live in a logical and orderly world. Although we are taught from an early age to be sane and to be able to believe that the universe turns out to be common sense, this is certainly not always the case. Outwardly perfectly rational people often do things for bending the rules. You might want to try to be more rambunctious, impulsive, and unreasonable in this wonderful coming year. It will work wonders.


Actions speak louder than words. With careful choice of phrase, people can cover up the most surprising holes in the argument or make the most outrageous proposal seem plausible. While you’re trying to figure out a particular person’s true motives, stop listening to what they have to say and instead see what they’re doing. Using your eyes is better than your ears. Soon you will get the real picture. As you put a difficult part of your past behind you, you will be in a position to move happily to the next stage in your life. I began to understand that you were underestimating your radiant potential. Now there is nothing holding you back.


You seem very eager to pursue an idea running through your head, but at the same time you wonder if the idea you enjoy is funny. be cerfull. Even a notorious optimist like you cannot realistically expect every vision to be fulfilled. The problem is that you crave excitement. The idea of ​​a future in which everything is cut and dried seems very lackluster. The universe encourages you to develop a plan. Impatience isn’t a bad thing as long as it doesn’t force you to rush. Resist the urge to rush, but keep craving. Feel free to experiment. What you want will take some time, but it will eventually work – especially in 2022.


Your ambition and drive are torn apart by seemingly irreconcilable needs and duties. You will lift a huge burden of heavy responsibilities and find your freedom. What you’re looking for sounds like a long shot. Be more confident in yourself. It’s time to stop underestimating your potential. Nothing can hold you back now. In this wonderful coming year you will unite what you want and what you need. You can expect a lot of fun because you will soon find a way to square the circle – and then you will really have something to celebrate.

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