ThrustMe tested an iodine gas electric motor in space

ThrustMe tested an iodine gas electric motor in space

Aerospace company ThrustMe has completed a full-scale test of an iodine gas electric motor in outer space. The propulsion system proved to be the best and the developers are confident that this technology will help create more efficient and affordable engines for satellites. Image source: ThrustMe Spacecraft in various orbits around the Earth use electric … Read more

The Pentagon is worried, and there are reasons for this

The US Department of Defense will hold special meetings to assess the new threats coming from space, thanks to new developments by the Russian Federation and China. The Pentagon will meet next week to discuss the growing threat from new types of space weapons being developed in Russia and China. Special meetings are to be … Read more

Uganda’s president apologizes for his son’s statement to Kenya

A high-ranking Ugandan military man was embroiled in scandals for supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni asked the people of Kenya for forgiveness for the words of his son, General Muhuzi Kainerugaba, that the country’s capital must be captured in two weeks. The BBC writes about it. It is reported that former … Read more

All-Russian festival “SCIENCE 0+” opens in Moscow on October 7 – Moscow 24, 06.10.2022

Photo: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin From October 7 to 9, Moscow will host the All-Russian festival “SCIENCE 0+”, where researchers and representatives of leading technology companies will demonstrate their latest developments. This is one of the largest educational projects in the field of popularization of science in the world and one of the most important events … Read more

The SpinLaunch space catapult successfully delivers payload to the target orbit

Tests by the private space company SpinLaunch have demonstrated the viability of non-rocket delivery into space of certain spacecraft components. American startup SpinLaunch – an aerospace development company working on non-rocket launch technology – has just passed a massive test. During the tests, the company launched a NASA payload into the sky, then returned it … Read more

The greenhouse effect goes beyond the earth – Picture of the day – Kommersant

American company Redwire Corporation announced plans to place the first commercial greenhouse in orbit. The company intends to grow plants on the ISS, the launch itself is planned no earlier than the spring of 2023. The authors of the project say that its goal is to develop systems for growing plants during manned flights to … Read more

on land, at sea and in space

The cynical trick of the Anglo-Saxons, who disabled the gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, clearly revealed two points. At first it became quite obvious that in the name of their interests they would stop at nothing. Although it threatens to freeze several countries, including the so-called allies. And secondly, from now … Read more