NATO Council condemns Russia’s weapons tests in space – DW – 2021-11-19

The NATO Council strongly condemns Russia’s “reckless and irresponsible test” of a direct interception anti-satellite missile (DA-ASAT) that hit the Soviet Kosmos-1408 satellite and created a debris field in low Earth orbit. This “test resulted in the creation of a field of orbital debris, which significantly increases the risk to human life and space assets … Read more

Beginning without end. Scientists told us if space has a limit

No matter how hard people try, it will never be possible to see all of outer space in its entirety. The space is big, very big. It is large enough to fit the Earth, the Sun and all other planets with stars, writes Not so long ago, people thought that when they looked at … Read more

Diplomat Yermakov warned that Russia would destroy satellites used for military purposes

Satellites used against Russia in Ukraine could become a legitimate target for Russian forces. Pseudo-civilian satellites that Western countries use to support the Ukrainian military throughout the conflict could become legitimate targets for Russia, said Volodymyr Yermakov, head of the Foreign Ministry’s non-proliferation and arms control department. Western countries are actively using the potential of … Read more

In Kazan, young specialists discussed the introduction of digital innovations in the forest industry of the Russian Federation

Within the framework of the all-Russian conference “Digital inventory – the future of forest management”, a round table was held in Kazan, where participants discussed the prospects for introducing innovations in forest management and forestry in the country. At the conference, projects on digital forest inventory were defended. The Minister of Forestry of the Republic … Read more

Putin warned of unleashing a war with the West on a new front

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that a new war – space is being unleashed A photograph: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU story article Sanctions against Russia in general and the Urals in particular Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of a global space war. His meeting with the new head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, was devoted to … Read more

2 British companies develop space garbage trucks to dispose of inoperative satellites

The spacecraft will use massive robotic arms to collect debris from orbit. Just like on Earth, debris is a big problem in space. Satellites that have reached “retirement age” remain in low Earth orbit and may collide with functioning satellites or even fall to the planet’s surface. This space debris “clutters” space, complicates future missions, … Read more

Ural cosmonauts Prokopiev and Petelin are preparing to start work on the ISS

Ural cosmonauts Prokopiev and Petelin are preparing to start work on the ISS Sergei Prokopiev will go out into the open space for the third time A photograph: Anna Mayorova © URA.RU Test cosmonauts Sergei Prokopiev from Yekaterinburg and Dmitry Petelin from Chelyabinsk will go into outer space on the evening of November 17. They … Read more