Take a look at billions of years ago – Nauka – Kommersant

The construction of the most magnificent astronomical instrument in history began. The cyclopean radio telescope will be located on two continents. Scientists hope that it will help unravel the most exciting mysteries in the structure and history of the universe. The radio telescope is called SKAO, this abbreviation means “observatory of the array [площадью в] … Read more

Western countries announced the threat of GPS due to Russia and began looking for an alternative

Kiev’s request to block Russia’s GLONASS navigation system in Ukraine has not been granted by its Western partner. But the very questioning of such a question and what is happening on Ukrainian territory is driving the Western world to look for alternatives to GPS’s global positioning system, writes the British newspaper The Times. The publication … Read more

Airbus will develop satellites for a space observatory that will change our perception of the universe

This material is also available for Ukrainian The artist’s impression of a Laser Interferometric Space Antenna (LISA) spacecraft concept. (Photo: AEI / Mild Marketing / Exozet) LISA is one of the most ambitious science missions currently being developed by ESA. The assignment has recently entered phase B1, which “derives the assignment from conceptual research and … Read more

How to survive the effects of the expected magnetic storm on May 24 – Amurskaya Pravda

Photo: rsute.ru What is a magnetic storm impact? Magnetic storms occur at the time of increased solar activity, and many weather-dependent people are constantly feeling their consequences. This phenomenon is a consequence of ongoing eruptions in the celestial body, where a huge amount of solar energy is released into outer space. Charged particles that reach … Read more

China invites to space – Vedomosti

In late April, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin unveiled two provisions in the national space strategy. First, China invites cosmonauts from all countries to join projects at China’s Tiangong Orbital Station, which will begin operating normally by the end of 2022. And second, space exploration should be conducted jointly, by combining efforts from the … Read more

Cosmonautics Day in Kuzbass will hold “space” events

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, space-themed events are being held in Kuzbass. And on the holiday itself, the international festival “Night of Yuri Gagarin” will be held. The festival brought together many different and educational initiatives. All events are supported by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. Sergei Volkov, Russia’s hero and … Read more